I want to pinch myself when I look at these log slice hanging shelves on my cabin porch. They add a touch of dreamy aesthetics to my home.

I am sure you will like having one or a few of these shelves in your home or garden too. 



Three log slices

Twelve pieces of 4′ rope


The Steps

If you are using log slices that have cut, you might need to clean them up a bit. You can use a brush to get rid of debris and dust and use sand paper to get them in good enough condition. 

Or you can simply purchase wood slices online from Amazon or a store of your choice.


I used wood slices from a log in my yard. So I did do some cleaning up and sanding. I also applied some polyurethane to give them some sheen and to make them somewhat water resistant.


Use a pencil to make marks where you want to put the rope on the slices of wood. I put four marks on each slice of wood.


Use a drill with a flat wood drill bit to make holes where you put the marks.



Your wood slices should look something like the photos below.



After drilling the holes, take a piece of rope and pull through one hole.


Leave about 1/2′ of the rope at the bottom of the wood lice to make a knot to stop the entire rope from slipping through the hole.


Repeat that step for all the other pieces of rope and all the holes on the slices of wood.


Each wood slice should end up having 4 pieces of rope. You can make a knot with the ends of the four pieces of rope at the top for hanging.

You can use these shelves inside your home to hold books, candles etc. You can hang them on your porch with plants, and you can put them in your garden too.



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