While growing up in the countryside, I learned to use wood ash to scour pots and pans to make them shiny. Now, that I am embracing that frugal and old fashioned lifestyle again, I am happy to be learning more ways in which wood ash can be used around the home and homestead.

1. Antiseptic For Wounds

Due to its antibacterial qualities, wood ash is excellent for treating wounds. It prevents infections, stops bleeding quickly, and speeds up the healing process. For first aid treatment, apply enough ash to cover the fresh wound until you’re able to receive proper medical attention. 


2. Garden Pesticide

If you’re struggling with pest control in your garden, ash is just what you need! It’s an exceptionally effective way of preventing pests such as slugs, snails, and even ants from feasting your precious plants. Just sprinkle a layer of wood ash around your plants to discourage their would-be attackers.


3. Dustbath For Chickens

If you own any poultry, you know that they’re prone to infestations of tick and lice. Using a wood ash dust bath is a simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic way of ridding your feathered friends from their tiny tormentors! Your chickens will have a grand time rolling around in the ash, suffocating their parasitic squatters in the process.


4. Odor Control For Your Coop

No one enjoys the unpleasant scent of odors, especially when it’s emanating from your poultry coop. To keep your henhouse fresh and stink-free, sprinkle some wood ash inside to neutralize those bad smells and absorb excess moisture. 


5. Enrich Compost

Another great way to make use of that ash stash is by adding it to your compost pile. Combine in small amounts with your compost pile for a richer, more nutrient-dense plant fertilizer that will make your garden flourish.


6. Balances Soil PH

Excessive soil acidity is every gardener’s worst nightmare as it disrupts nutrient absorption in plants. Wood ash contains significant amounts of calcium, which makes it ideal for neutralizing acidity, balancing the pH, and restoring your soil to its former glory FAST.


7. Non-Toxic Indoor Insecticide

If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure that pest control is of utmost importance, as cohabiting with pests may have some serious health implications for your family. Wood ash provides a safe way to rid yourself of unwanted pests such as cockroaches, moths, ants, and even mice as they can’t stand the smell! No need to expose your family to toxic chemicals; just sprinkle the ash into the corners and entryways of your home, and that should do the trick. 


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