Here are some useful tips and tricks for making things in your kitchen easier.

Foil Wrap And Grater

Ever have to something to grate, but don’t want to actually have to use a bowl to contain things? You are so very much not alone.

You can keep things contained by using a piece of aluminum foil wrap. Simply take a piece of foil wrap, and cover the bottom of your grater to control the food while you grate.

Clothes Iron Toaster

Not every household will have a toaster. But even for those who don’t own a toaster, enjoying a piece of toast is still possible.

Cover a slice of bread with foil wrap, and use a hot clothes iron to do the toasting. Just make sure the bread is properly covered with the foil wrap, as you don’t want it to come into direct contact with the clothes iron.

Grease Paper And Mason Jar Spice Shaker

Aren’t you happy when you find out that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on kitchen tools and utensils, to have them in your own kitchen?

Here is a way to make your own spice shaker in less than five minutes. Put some ground herbs into a dry and clean mason jar.

Take a piece of grease paper and put it on top of the mason jar. Use a rubber band to hold the grease paper onto the jar.

You can use a knife or a fork to bore some holes in the paper on top of the jar. When you are ready to use your herbs, simply shake out some through the holes in the paper.

Muffin Pan As Serveware

It is such a fantastic idea to use something like a muffin pan or baking pan for serving nice treats. This will work out great for you if you are entertaining kids and want them to have easy access to treats but in an organized way.

There is nothing complicated about this. Just take some snacks and treats and put them in the pan. Biscuits, cookies, chips and some healthy vegetables too will fit in it nicely.

Hair Slide And Snack Bag

Don’t like air getting into your snack bag, and you really don’t know how to close it back up? Even if you don’t have those cute little clips made specifically for clipping snack bags shut, you can still close up your snack bag and prevent air from getting in.

Use two hair slides as your snack bag clips. Fold the mouth of the bag, then put a hair slide on both sides to keep it closed.

Line A Pan Quickly

Lining a pan properly with foil wrap or grease paper can seem so technical. Especially when you are in a hurry, what is supposed to be easy can seem so complicated.

Line a pan the easy way by turning the pan over. Next, cover the bottom of the pan with the foil wrap or grease paper. 

If you are using a regular baking pan, the bottom of the pan and the inside should have almost the same shape, if not exactly the same.

After covering the bottom of the pan, take that same paper that is now molded in shape and fit it into the pan quite easily.


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