Having overnight guests can make you feel so excited and anxious. You may start looking around the house to see if there are any touching up to be done. Yes, there might be a few touches to be done just to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Let me not take up too much of your time, as you might be expecting overnight guests very soon, and you are still worried if everything will be perfect. Don’t worry, I will be giving you a few tips on how to be a good host to your overnight guests.

Tidy Up The House

The first thing that you should have on your to-do list is cleaning the house. Try to get everything in top shape and get that off your list.

Plan Activities For Your Guest

Guests can get bored very easily if their host didn’t have any plans for entertainment or activities for them to do. You can take them on a for a quick grocery shopping run if you still need to get more things from the store. Take them out for dinner, or simply keep the activities at home and have dinner on the deck with your guests.

Food and Drinks

I would not like to be anyone’s overnight guest and nothing is provided for me to eat and drink. That is just not how you treat your guests. Make sure you have enough food and drinks to satisfy your guest’s needs.


You need to have nice, clean sheets for your guest’s beds. Have enough pillows, extra blankets, and comforters. A good idea is to wash the sheets before your guests arrive. Whenever sheets are put away for a while, they tend to have an unpleasant smell.

Night Snacks

Put a few bags of snacks and bottles of water in the guest’s bedrooms. That means your guest won’t have to leave the room late at night to look for a snack…

Prepare The Bathrooms

Get out your towels and rags that you have tucked away for this type of occasion. Wash and dry them, to give them a clean fresh scent. Check to see if you have enough toilet paper. You don’t want to run short of that necessity. Check your bath soaps, face soaps, shampoo, hair conditioner, wipes, and lotion. Place a plunger and toilet brush in the bathroom in case they are needed.

Lights Bulbs

Check the lights in the rooms that your guests will be occupying. You wouldn’t want them to be in the dark. To be sure everything is intact, I would suggest you put in new bulbs if you know the bulbs you have a very old or unreliable.

Books And Magazines

Try to get some new magazines and also some interesting books for your guests to past their time reading, if they wish.

Make Arrangements For Kids

If your invited guests have kids, don’t forget them in your planning. If you have kids too, that would be so much better. Both set of kids would enjoy being on their own, away from the adults. If the adults have a plan to go out ask your regular babysitter to do a few extra hours. If you don’t have a babysitter, try to call an agency that would have a babysitter on call.

I hope these tips that I have shared with you, will get you motivated and reassured in planning for your overnight guests.

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