Living in the countryside year round is so much different from just visiting in the summer. For the year rounder, you have your regular chores to take care of and fun activities to do. As for those who may just be going to spend the summer, you still can enjoy some ol’ country days and have a good time.

I live in the country permanently. And yes, I have a lot of things to take care of. As you know, summer comes with heat, so whenever the summer arrives,  I try to find time to cool down and do things that I wouldn’t do in the other seasons.

I hope you will find this list of things that you can do this summer in the countryside very useful.

Catch Fireflies

I can remember sitting on the outside at nights when I was a child to see who could catch the most fireflies. It was so much fun. This can be something for you to do too. Try catching some fireflies, and even if you are not successful, the memories will be wonderful to look back at.

Sleep Under A Tree

What is more relaxing than taking a blanket, spreading it out on the grass under a tree, and laying down on it? You may lay on your back and watch the birds as they fly by. You can listen to the different sounds around you, and also listen to the sound of the roaring river nearby. Laying there so relaxed and stress-free will make you fall asleep so peacefully.

Go Canoeing

When you are awake from your slumber, gather your family and friends, and go canoeing on the river. That would be so exciting.  If there are kids with you, this will be an unforgettable experience for them.

Play Country Music

Another thing you might do in the summer, whether you are alone or with company, is to enjoy some melody by playing some music. Get out your guitar, or any of your favorite instrument. Sit on the porch in the late evenings, and play some old country music as you watch the sun slowly setting in the west.

Enjoy The Morning Air

Do get outside early in the mornings to enjoy the morning air, and pick some fresh pretty, blooming flowers, to decorate the tables inside the house.

Have A Picnic

You can also have a picnic. During your walks in the countryside, you will find the perfect spot where you and your friends or family can have a picnic. Whether it be by the riverside, or in the woods… Just about anywhere that is flat, cool and safe.

Go Horseback Riding

Have you ever ridden a horse, or gone horseback riding? If you can ride a horse and there are horses available, go horseback riding and enjoy feeling the wind blowing through your hair and the trotting of the horse’s feet. If you have never ridden a horse, maybe you could take the opportunity to how to get on that horse’s back. Eventually,  you will be able to gallop away with the horse and maybe you will be on your way to becoming a pro rider.

These ideas should give you some inspiration and ideas for having the most wonderful time in the countryside this summer. But don’t restrict yourself to only these ideas. The countryside is wide enough, so feel free to run wild with the wind over those hills and valleys.

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