The fall weather defines cozy with its cool days, chilly and rainy evenings. I just cannot get enough of the Autumn ambiance.

I especially love when it rains in the evenings. I cannot tell you enough how much I love rainy evenings in Autumn.  And I know you do too 🙂 Who doesn’t?

Here are some cozy ideas you can do on a rainy Autumn evening.

Watch The Rainfall

This is one of my favorite things to do. I like to sit in my favorite chair with my beloved dog at my feet and watch the pouring outside. It brings me calm and peace, and I think you will enjoy it too.

Sweater And Socks

In my opinion, the weather never really gets bad. You just need to have the right clothing. So if you are feeling chilly on a rainy Autumn evening, put on your favorite sweater and a nice pair of socks to make sure you are properly clothed and can enjoy the weather.

Watch A Film

It is the best time to watch a video, film or your favorite movie when it is raining and you don’t have anything you need to be doing. Choose a relaxing movie or even a series to watch. Little House On The Prairie… Maybe? 🙂

Make Hot Chocolate

When could there be a better moment for sipping some hot chocolate? Well… Winter is a good time as well. But Autumn is no less. So make yourself some nice hot chocolate and enjoy the warm and delicious flavor while watching the downpour or your movie.

Sit By The Fireplace

Spread out a nice and warm blanket by the fireplace. You can grab a book and do some reading. Or just sit and watch the flames until you fall asleep right there.

Take A Warm Bath

If you are in the mood, fill the bath with some water, sprinkle some dried lavender leaves and take a warm bath while you listen to the raindrops on the roof.

Blanket Fort

One of the coziest things you can do is to build a fort with some pillows, blankets, and sheets. Put some string lights inside, and make yourself comfy in there. That will be one of the most relaxing places to sit out the rain or even spend the entire night there.

Keep in mind these ideas, and do try one or even a few on your next rainy evening in Autumn.

Happy Fall!


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