A potpourri is a great way to cheat the smell of your home. If you’re having guests or hosting a party, just assemble a pot and leave it to simmer on the stove.

Potpourri is also medicinal as some herbs have therapeutic properties. You can choose what every herbs you like best to match the benefits you desire.

Benefit from the amazing scent of cinnamon to the calming aroma of lavender.

If all you’re seeking is a nice scent in your house, here are the best potpourri ingredients for a great smelling home.

Sliced Apple

Apples have a subtle aroma that pairs well with other spices. To use them, you don’t have to worry about peeling .

The best thing about them is that they’re delicious and nutritious and would make your potpourri very aromatic.

Just slice your apples by removing the stem from the fruit, and cut it in half from stem top to the bottom.

Drop it in your potpourri by itself or add spices as if you’re making pie. This is a great way to welcome friends for lunch or even your kids from school.

 Cinnamon Sticks

If you’re trying to improve the scent of your house for thanksgiving, add cinnamon to your potpourri. Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice.

It has been praised for its medicinal purposes and for adding a great aroma to the kitchen.

Cinnamon is also pretty affordable and easily accessible, so you can quickly grab it at your local supermarket.

If you purchase the powder it will last for a very long time. Cinnamon is potent so it is important to use it sparingly. 


A fantastic way to pair cinnamon is by using vanilla. This is a fun fragrance that can be quite classy.

Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla and is primarily obtained from pods. If you use the liquid form it will create the desired aroma.

However, the pods are great for decorative purposes. Experts say people who are prone to suggestion benefit from visual therapy as much as aroma therapy.

It also has a sweet and smelling scent that will add to your potpourri’s appeal as well as your home’s ambience. 


Rosemaries are a perennial with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves.

Nothing smells quite like it, as it has a pungent, lavender-like smell and that will leave your home smelling like no other.

Not only is it warm and inviting to your nostrils, they also add a great aroma to your Potpourri. Use a small piece as a pairing with other herbs.

You can also use a larger piece by itself. This powerful herb can be used to improve brain function and lift your mood.

 Whole Cloves

Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the same family as the Jamaican pimento.

It’s also one of the most traditional smells in your home and you’ll only need to toss a few in the pot of simmering water to enjoy the smell the most and will add to your home’s fragrance.

Cloves have a more earthy scent that would be ideal for setting the tone for brunch or a lunch in the middle of the day.

The fragrance of cloves can also treat motion sickness.

 Pine Needles

If you love that Christmas tree smell, Pine Needles are the best option for you.

It’ll add to the aroma of your home and will add to the beneficial properties of your potpourri. These can be found at local parks or can be store bought.

The fresher ones are stronger in scent. Pine needles are a natural decongestant that will come in handy in flu season.

These pair well with rose petals and rosemary to make a decongestant and energy lifting potpourri.

 Juniper Berries

The scent of Juniper Berries are woody, spicy and clean. It also has a calming and grounding effect and can be diffused to help cleanse and purify the air.

Adding it to your Potpourri will give it a fun and fruity scent. You won’t be able to get enough of that scent.

Make a potpourri with juniper berries to set the tone for a wine tasting with a few close friends.

Juniper berries also aid in reversing loss of appetite, emotional effects of trauma and suppressed emotions.

 Orange Slices

It’s easy to come by, when you’re done with an orange just store the peel for your potpourri.

Orange peels are not just calming but they can be beneficial to the respiratory system. Orange slices smell incredibly festive and add a traditional feel to your home.

It’s definitely a scent you’ll want to have throughout your home and even in your Potpourri.

If you or your family has nasal issues or the flu, the oils from orange slices will help to clear it right up.


Lemons are a distinctively clean and sharp citrus, and the fragrance has a smoother and creamier aroma when used in higher quantities.

There is no doubt that they’ll bring an air of freshness to your home. Lemons will give you the feeling of Spring with every turn you make.

These can be used by themselves or paired with mint, cinnamon or even orange peels.

A lemon based potpourri will help to induce sleep for those who struggle with insomnia.


Mint is fresh, cool, bracing, aromatic scent that you can’t ignore.

Mint can also treat numerous amount of ailments and adds the perfect aroma to the mix of your potpourri! 

We can’t deny that this would leave your home smelling clean and relaxing while you’re busy thinking about getting the rest of the house clean.

Making  mint potpourri can be a great start to your day as the scent promotes healthy bowel function and aids in morning meditation.

The Best Potpourri Ingredients For A Great Smelling Home

Whatever the fragrance or scent you choose, its always a lovely feeling to have your house smelling great all the time. This article is about 10 potpourri ingredients for a great smelling home.


    Sliced Apple: Apples aren't just for eating. Adding a few slices to your potpourri and it does wonders for you.

    Cinnamon Sticks: I just love the feeling that i get from a cinnamon aroma. This is very affordable and it really does appeal to your senses.

    Vanilla: This is very popular when it comes to smell. Yes they have it in perfumes and lotions and you can also make your own vanilla potpourri.

    Rosemary: This is one amazing herb. Not only does it flavors your food well but it also makes your home smell well.

    Whole Cloves: For a more earthly smell you can try adding whole cloves to your simmer . This is also good for motion sickness.

    Pine Needles: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. To get that Christmas smell all year long I recommend pine needles.

    Juniper Berries: These provides a calming effect and they also purifies the air around you.

    Orange Slices: Not only does this provides a festive smell but if you have nasal issues it helps to clear it.

    Lemon: This recipe really provides freshness and it also induces sleep if you have troubles sleeping .

    Mint: For a fresh, cool, bracing aroma you cant ignore try adding some mint to your potpourri.

A potpourri can be made in a simmer or dried and used as decor. Simmered potpourri can be saved and reused several times.

The advantage to this is that you can add fresh ingredients and change the scent more often. It is also much stronger and more immediate.

The dried potpourri tends to disappear under the scent of other things around the home.

Try to make your own simmer pot with the ingredients above or your choice of herbs and spices.

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