Well… Hello there ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to my little cottage. I am a frugal gal with an old fashioned soul journalling my journey of simplicity and frugality in a cozy wood cottage.

Come on in and take a tour ๐Ÿ™‚

The porch where I like to spend warm evenings watching the birds and my furry babies having the time of my life. It is also a blessing to sit on the porch and watch while the evening turns to night and listen to the songs of the critters of the night.


A welcome sign I made from scratch with rope and wood.


Stepping in from the porch… The little fireplace and my two favourite pairs of rain boots. Also a little basket to organise keys.


My tiny but functional kitchen. The walls are all wood. Hubby installed those two shelves just last week. The dried herbs hanging in the kitchen make my heart so happy.


My canning pot, a basket and lantern on top of my pantry. Hubby made the doors with chicken wire.


A little glimpse of the island made of zinc/metal sheets and wood.


My little desk area and my favourite garden bag hanging on the wall.



My little bedroom. Hubby made the headboard for the bed with wooden fence post.


A little area for sitting and relaxing. 


A little passage that leads to the bathroom. The cleaning/utility closet, clothes closet, a chest of drawers are in this passage. Hubby made the farmhouse style doors for the closet from scratch, and also the zinc/metal sheet doors for the bathroom.


The face basin on it’s stand made from logs.



A better view of the bathroom. The walls are all wood including the shower walls.



The living area with a sofa and a table. There is not enough space for much more furniture. And I like an uncluttered space.



Looking out from the living room window onto the porch and the yard.


My little cottage is not really like the old country cottage I grew up in. But it brings back fond memories old those old fashioned homespun days. 

Please make yourself at home around here, and let us journey back to days when life was frugal and simple.

Take care ๐Ÿ™‚



Ps: Little House On The Prairie Homemaking Tips

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