Living a fast-paced modern life is like the wind rushing through the trees.  Where is it going? No one knows…

Many times you might wonder and say to yourself, why are you going so fast.  Slow living does not mean you have to move like a snail.  It is more about taking time to be present in the moment and doing things at a slower pace so life doesn’t just pass by without you noticing. Here are a few ideas that will help you to live a slower life.

 Read A Book

Make time to read a good book. And don’t just rush through it. Take your time and enjoy the story or really trying to understand and take lessons from that book. Practicing slow reading might not get you through two books per week. Maybe you will end up reading a book per month or for each season.

Cooking From Scratch

Cooking from scratch will take a little more time than putting ready-made meals into the microwave.  Have a set time for each meal and start the prepping early so that you can easily cook a good meal from scratch without haste and enjoy the process.


Driving is one of the fastest ways to get to where you want to go.  But if you choose to drive and not walk or cycle whenever you can, you will be passing places you don’t even know existed, people who might just be two blocks down the street, and you never knew. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings by slowing down and walking or cycling whenever you can.

Watching Nature

Have you ever tried sitting in a comfortable chair on your patio or by a window and watch the sunset or the rain coming down?  Watching nature unfold in front of your eyes is such a calming experience. It is good to some time each week to sit and watch nature.

Grow Your Own Food

You don’t have to be a farmer with a large farm to grow your own food.  Growing your own food will let you have a feeling of self-sufficiency.  Planting your own backyard or kitchen garden will let you feel good within yourself.  It can be such an awesome feeling to harvest food from a garden you planted.

Make Something

In this world, most people are just used to buying whatever they want or need. You know, that is just how the fast life goes. Learn to make something for yourself. You can learn how to sew your own clothes or even how to bake your own pastries.

Living a slow life will help you to have less stress and anxiety. But it can seem far fetched at times. Just look into your own life, and start where it seems the easiest to do so. All the best on journey to slow living.

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