I  so very much love this lighting feature outside my cottage. I set it up from last year (2021), and it is still serving it’s purpose of beautifying my yard and adding some light. Here is how to make it for yourself.



Watering can

Solar wire lights

Shepherd’s rod


The Steps

If you are using solar lights like the one I used, you will have to make some adjustments to your light to get the spilling lights effect. Measure about 4′ of the light wire. Bend it right at that point and twist the following 4′ of wire into one with the first 4′.

Measure another 4′ and twist it into one with the following 4′. Repeat the process until you the light wire is finish. At this point, you should have multiple strings of light wire.


Lay out all your strings of light wire beside each other. Then twist all the top ends that are now beside each other together. Remove the wide sprinkler on the watering can and insert the twisted part of the wire with multiple pieces into the sprout of the watering can.


Push it all the way through until you can see it in the watering can on the inside. Wrap those strings together into something like a ball that won’t easily slip through the sprout of the watering can.

Install the shepherd’s rod where you want to have your spilling lights, and hang the watering can with light strings on it. Arrange the strings of light according to how you want them.


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