I did not know that making my own ‘welcome’ sign would be so easy. It is not a very fancy sign, but I really like it for my cabin. It was so nice to use a piece of wood I bought a couple months ago and some rope to make this little sign.


Materials & Tools


Flat piece of wood

Glue gun and glue sticks



The Steps

Use a marker and a piece of chalk to draw a line where you want to put your word(s) on the wood. Then use the chalk to write out the word(s) on the wood.


Trace hot glue on one of the letters and quickly trace that letter with rope. You want to add the rope before the glue starts to dry. You can use a fudge stick to help with putting the rope on the hot glue to prevent getting burnt by the glue.

Repeat the process of glueing and placing the rope one letter at a time. If you put the hot glue on all the letters in one go, the glue might dry before you get to write out all the letters with rope.


For some letters, you might have to cut the rope before moving on to the next letter in order to form them properly. Like in the photo below, I had to cut the rope after forming the L.


I cut the rope as well after forming the C.



And for the O too.


But I was able to form the M and that last E in the photo below without cutting the rope.

Use a brush or a rag to clean erase any visible chalk marks after forming all the letters. And you can use scissors to snip out any excess dried hot glue that you want to remove from your sign.

You can bore a hole on both sides of the wood and put rope through those holes to use for hanging your sign.

I really enjoyed making this sign. I never thought making a sign with wood and rope could be so easy.

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