I think this is the first wreath I have made. I usually consider it a daunting task to make a wreath. And who knew I could easily make a quick wreath with an embroidery hoop? Well… not me 🙂

I am so happy with how this wreath turned out, and it makes a perfect piece of decor for my cabin. Here is how to make one for yourself.


One embroidery hoop

Flowers and greenery (dried or fresh)

A piece of rope (about 6″ long)

Floral wire


The Steps


Separate the two rings that make up the embroidery hoop.


You will only need one of the rings to make this wreath. You can use any of the rings.


If you use the ring with the screw and nut like I did, place the flowers and greenery where they will hide the screw and nut.


Use floral wire to attach the flowers and greenery to the hoop.



Then use the rope to wrap around and cover the areas where you use the floral wire. 


You can also use some hot glue to hold the rope in place at the back of the wreath.


That is it 🙂 You can use this hoop wreath to decorate a door or any space you choose.

I recommend using dried flowers if you want to the flowers to last for long on this wreath. But if you prefer fresh flowers, they will look just as sweet.

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