These lanterns are a project that I am very proud of. It was such a simple and easy project which produced two beautiful lanterns. Here is how to make them for your home too.


Mason jars and covers with holes 

White chalk paint

Two pieces of rope (about 12 inches each)

Beads with holes

Modge Podge

Dried pressed flowers

Flameless candles

Please note: I only used two pieces of rope, two jar covers , tow candles and two beads. But you will need the same amount of candles jar covers, beads and pieces of rope as the amount of jars you are using.


The Steps

Place the jar covers on a clean surface and apply the chalk paint on them with a small paint brush. You can use jar covers that have holes in them (those that come with straws), or you can use a hammer and a nail to make holes in them. 

If your jar covers do not already have holes in them, make the holes before painting them. Allow the covers to dry for at least one hour.



While the jar covers are being dried, you can start adorning the jars with flowers. You can use your own pressed flowers, or natural pressed flowers bought on Amazon or a store of your choice.


Before starting to place the flowers, make sure the jars are clean and dry both inside and outside.


Place a tiny bit of Mod Podge on each piece of flower and stick them on the inside of the jar. Do not use a lot of Mod Podge, as just a little will do, and you do not want to make the flowers too sticky all over and hard to handle.


You can use a popsicle stick to place the flowers. I found this method easier than using my fingers.

Let the flowers in the jars dry for about 3 hours.



Pull one end of rope through a bead.


Then tie both ends of the rope into a knot. The bead will prevent the rope from slipping through the cover when you hang your lantern.


When the jar covers are dry, pull the rope and bead through them. One bead should stop under each jar cover, and the part of the rope that you will use to hang your lantern should be above the jar cover.


When the flowers in jars are dried and glued on properly, place a candle inside each jar, and place the jar cover with rope on top.

Now, it is time to hang the lanterns 🙂


These lanterns are great for your porch, a dinner setting or even inside your home.


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