I was only about three years old… But I do remember.

We were traveling from the home that both of our parents shared to the old country cottage that our mother grew up in. Mum was travelling with me and my siblings, but Daddy was not. 

The journey was an exciting one, as we all were anxious to start life in the countryside. We were travelling in the back of a  vintage pickup van and enjoying the bumpy ride. I can remember my sisters singing the song “Country Road Take Me Home.” They were older than me, as I was the baby. I will never forget that moment… I hope I won’t.

I think that is the first real memory I have of childhood.

I wonder what my sisters, brother and Mum was thinking. Why were they so happy? I was happy too. But I was too young to understand much of what was happening.

Maybe they were anxious to make a new home and memories inside of that little old cottage. I wonder if they were thinking about all the fruits and produce that we would reap from the land. All the puddings, cakes and warm meals that we would make. The trips to the river, harvesting rainwater, chasing fireflies in the summer months, cooking outside over wood fire, reading at nights with oil lamps to illuminate the dark nights, trips to the outhouse and wild but simple homespun days.

I am not sure if they imagined it all, but I am so grateful that I now have these fond memories of a well rounded childhood. Of course, we had our fair share of challenges. Some so horrifying that I regret ever experiencing. But it was a good life.

That life has taught me skills and principles that I take wherever I go. I still enjoy a meal cooked outdoors over an open fire, running out and literally dancing in the rain, hanging clothes on the line to sun dry, and the simplicity and beauty that each season brings.

I now have values that have been formed by my country bumpkin upbringing 🙂 And although I have options now, I am heading back to my simple and frugal roots. After experiencing different types of lifestyles, I now choose to spend these precious days at my little storybook cottage with my four dogs, two rabbits and my hubby. 

I treasure the precious memories from my childhood with my Mum and siblings making a home without having much. I hope you will join me as I go down Memory Lane and bring back those good old days by using those homemaking skills in my life today and sharing the journey with you.

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