Murphy Oil Soap has been a trusted cleaning agent for generations, primarily known for its use on wood surfaces. However, its versatile formula can be employed in countless other ways. Here are 155+ unique hacks and tips to make the most of this product:

  1. Wooden Furniture Revival: The classic use. Apply the soap directly to wooden furniture and wipe off for a fresh and polished look.
  2. Pre-Treat Stains: Before laundering, dab a bit on clothing stains. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and wash as usual.
  3. Ceramic Tile Cleaner: Mix with warm water and mop your ceramic tiles for a streak-free shine.
  4. Leather Cleaner: Gently rub onto leather surfaces to clean without causing damage.
  5. Stainless Steel Shine: Wipe down your stainless steel appliances for a streak-free glow.
  6. Wall Cleaner: For dirty or fingerprint-marked walls, apply a diluted solution and wipe off.
  7. De-Grease Kitchen Cabinets: Cut through kitchen grease on your cabinets with a soft cloth and Murphy’s.
  8. Laminate Floor Cleaner: Use a diluted solution to mop without leaving residue.
  9. Clean Car Interiors: Wipe down leather or vinyl seats and surfaces in cars.
  10. Shine Kitchen Sink: Wash and shine dull kitchen sink to make it sparkly.
  11. Refresh Old Paintbrushes: Soak hardened brushes to soften bristles and rinse.
  12. Window Cleaner: Achieve streak-free windows by wiping them down with a diluted solution.
  13. Garden Tool Reviver: Remove soil and rust from gardening tools.
  14. Suede Cleaner: Gently blot stains on suede items for a refreshed look.
  15. Clean Outdoor Furniture: Wipe down resin or plastic furniture to remove seasonal grime.
  16. Baseboard Cleaner: Easily remove dust and dirt from baseboards.
  17. Shoe Polish: Polish and clean non-suede shoes for a bright shine.
  18. Hand Soap: In a pinch, use diluted Murphy’s as hand soap.
  19. Ink Stain Remover: Blot fresh ink stains on fabric before laundering.
  20. Refresh Wicker Furniture: Wipe down wicker pieces to remove dust and bring out the natural color.
  21. Vinyl Record Cleaner: Clean your vinyl records carefully using a diluted solution.
  22. Candle Wax Remover: Dab onto areas where candle wax has dripped and let sit before wiping.
  23. Jewelry Cleaner: Gently brush your non-precious jewelry with a soft brush dipped in a diluted solution.
  24. Bathtub Scrub: For a gentle clean without the use of harsh chemicals.
  25. Dust Ceiling Fans: Wipe blades for a fresh and clean look.
  26. Refresh Pet Beds: Wipe down non-fabric parts of pet beds to deodorize.
  27. Shower Door Cleaner: Removes soap scum from glass shower doors.
  28. Clean Hairbrushes: Soak hairbrushes to remove oils and product buildup.
  29. Bicycle Cleaner: Perfect for cleaning your bike’s frame and spokes.
  30. Remove Soap Scum: Ideal for bathroom tiles and faucets.
  31. Sticky Residue Remover: Helps in removing sticky labels or tape residue.
  32. Refresh Book Covers: Gently clean the cover of hardbound books without damaging them.
  33. Car Dashboard Reviver: Dust and refresh your car’s dashboard, giving it a soft glow without making it greasy.
  34. Blinds Cleaner: Effortlessly wipe off the dust and stains from window blinds.
  35. Golf Club Cleaner: Maintain the shine and grip of your golf clubs by wiping them down with a diluted solution.
  36. Grout Rejuvenator: With an old toothbrush, scrub grout lines on tiled surfaces to make them appear cleaner.
  37. Pot and Pan Pre-soak: For stubborn grease, soak pots and pans in diluted Murphy’s before washing.
  38. Deodorize Garbage Cans: Clean and deodorize your trash bins.
  39. Refresh Car Tires: Wipe down and clean the sidewalls of your tires, making them shine.
  40. Clean Kids’ Plastic Toys: Safely sanitize and clean plastic toys without harsh chemicals.
  41. Sports Equipment Cleaner: Wipe down helmets, pads, and other non-fabric sports equipment.
  42. Keyboard Cleaner: Dampen a cloth with the solution and gently clean between keyboard keys.
  43. Luggage Cleaner: Refresh the exterior of your hard-sided luggage.
  44. Patio Stone Cleaner: Sweep and then mop your patio stones for a renewed look.
  45. Lawnmower Cleaner: Wipe down the exterior of your lawnmower after use.
  46. Brass and Copper Polish: Shine non-lacquered brass or copper items.
  47. Refresh Window Sills: Remove dust and mildew stains from wooden window sills.
  48. Hat Cleaner: Spot clean the brim and exterior of non-fabric hats.
  49. Deodorize Smelly Sneakers: Wipe the insides to freshen them up.
  50. Clean Aquarium Exteriors: Remove fingerprints and water spots from the outside of your fish tank.
  51. Stroller Frame Cleaner: Wipe down the frame of baby strollers.
  52. Basket Cleaner: Refresh wicker or wire baskets.
  53. Microfiber Couch Spot Cleaner: Dab and clean accidental spills or spots on your microfiber couch.
  54. Plastic Plant Cleaner: Dust and shine the leaves of faux plants.
  55. Guitar Cleaner: Clean the back and sides of your guitar, avoiding the strings.
  56. Helmet Cleaner: Refresh the outside of bike or sports helmets.
  57. Birdcage Cleaner: Wipe down metal or plastic parts of birdcages.
  58. Dust Off Artificial Flowers: Gently clean and shine artificial flower arrangements.
  59. Spot Clean Suitcases: Perfect for cleaning hard-shell or vinyl-covered suitcases.
  60. Deodorize Gym Bags: Wipe the insides of non-fabric gym bags.
  61. Clean Tupperware: Remove greasy residue from plastic containers.
  62. Clean Remote Controls: Get rid of grime buildup on TV or AC remote controls.
  63. Broom Cleaner: Dust and wash off broom handles and bases.
  64. Toolbox Cleaner: Wipe down and clean your toolbox exterior.
  65. Clean Phone Cases: Suitable for hard plastic or silicone phone cases.
  66. Refresh Mailboxes: Wipe down and clean your exterior mailbox.
  67. Clean Doorknobs: Disinfect and shine doorknobs, especially metallic ones.
  68. Spot Clean Carpets: Dab away small stains on your carpets.
  69. Refresh Drawer Handles: Wipe away the daily grime on handles and pulls.
  70. Clean Light Switch Plates: Useful for cleaning and shining light switch plates.
  71. Purse Cleaner: Perfect for vinyl or faux leather purses.
  72. Sunglass Frame Cleaner: Clean and shine the frames, avoiding the lenses.
  73. Metal Watchband Cleaner: Shine and refresh the look of metal watchbands.
  74. Belt Cleaner: Ideal for vinyl or faux leather belts.
  75. Spot Clean Curtains: Especially useful for non-washable curtain materials.
  76. Clean Computer Mouse: Wipe down and sanitize your computer mouse.
  77. Dust Off Photo Frames: Keep your wooden or metallic photo frames looking sharp.
  78. Clean CD/DVD Cases: Remove fingerprints and grime from plastic cases.
  79. Clean Lamp Bases: Shine and dust off metallic or wooden lamp bases.
  80. Spot Clean Backpacks: Especially for hard-to-wash materials.
  81. Clean Vases: Perfect for ceramic or metal vases.
  82. Toy Chest Refresher: Safely clean and refresh wooden toy chests without exposing kids to harsh chemicals.
  83. Bicycle Seat Cleaner: Wipe down and sanitize vinyl or faux leather bike seats.
  84. Canoe and Kayak Cleaner: Use it to gently clean the surfaces of canoes and kayaks.
  85. Umbrella Handle Polish: Refresh and shine wooden or metallic umbrella handles.
  86. Craft Tool Cleanser: Perfect for cleaning and maintaining tools like stamps, stencils, and more.
  87. Billiard Table Sides Cleaner: Revive the wooden sides of your billiard table, making it look as good as new.
  88. Clean Collectibles: Safely dust and clean collectible items, especially wooden ones.
  89. Musical Instrument Maintainer: Great for cleaning the exterior of instruments like violins, trumpets, or trombones.
  90. Telescope Tripod Cleaner: Wipe down and maintain the finish of wooden or metal telescope tripods.
  91. Headphone and Earbud Cleaner: Wipe the non-foam parts for a refreshed look and feel.
  92. Nail Polish Spill Solution: Blot fresh nail polish spills on hard surfaces.
  93. Metal Railings Cleaner: Revive and shine metal railings, indoors or outdoors.
  94. Artificial Christmas Tree Cleaner: Dust off and clean the non-fabric parts of your tree.
  95. BBQ Grill Exterior Cleaner: Shine the outer surfaces of your BBQ grill, avoiding the cooking areas.
  96. Faux Fireplace Mantel Cleaner: Clean and maintain faux wooden mantels.
  97. Greenhouse Shelf Cleaner: Perfect for wiping down and maintaining shelves in greenhouses.
  98. Clean Picture Easels: Restore the shine of your wooden or metal easels.
  99. Renew Clock Faces: Wipe the exterior surface, avoiding the internal mechanisms.
  100. Clean Candle Holders: Perfect for removing wax drips and keeping them looking new.
  101. Office Chair Frame Cleaner: Refresh the non-fabric parts of your office chairs.
  102. Fish Rod Cleaner: Wipe down and maintain the handles and reels.
  103. Desk Organizer Reviver: Wipe down wooden or metal organizers for a fresh workspace.
  104. Spot Clean Fabric Lampshades: Gently blot away any spots on fabric shades.
  105. Rolling Pin Cleaner: After use, ensure your wooden rolling pins are free from dough residues.
  106. Crib Frame Cleaner: Safely clean the wooden frame of baby cribs.
  107. Shopping Cart Handle Cleaner: Perfect for store owners wanting to give carts a refreshed look.
  108. Ladder Rungs Cleaner: Remove grime and maintain wooden or metal ladder rungs.
  109. Refresh Sewing Machine Exteriors: Wipe down the exterior, avoiding the delicate parts.
  110. Binocular Casing Cleaner: Maintain the look of your binocular’s casing.
  111. Magazine Rack Reviver: Perfect for wooden or metal magazine racks.
  112. Metal Badge Cleaner: Revive and shine your collectible or professional badges.
  113. Clean Typewriter Exteriors: A vintage touch for maintaining old typewriters.
  114. Clock Hands Cleaner: Gently clean the hands of wall clocks.
  115. Exercise Mat Spray: Mix a diluted solution to spritz and wipe down exercise mats.
  116. Mic Stand Cleaner: Wipe down microphone stands for a gleaming look at gigs.
  117. Spot Clean Wallpaper: Gently clean marks off wallpaper without damaging the design.
  118. Refresh Cutting Boards: Wipe wooden boards, rinse thoroughly, and let them dry before the next use.
  119. Maintain Wooden Bowls: Perfect for wooden salad bowls, ensuring they look appetizing.
  120. Walking Stick Cleaner: Maintain and shine wooden walking or trekking sticks.
  121. Maintain Ceremonial Items: Perfect for wooden or metal items in places of worship.
  122. Renew Handrails: Keep the wooden or metal handrails in your home looking pristine.
  123. Camera Tripod Maintenance: Wipe down and maintain the finish of your tripods.
  124. Wooden Model Ship Cleaner: Maintain intricate wooden ship models.
  125. Basketball Court Polish: Freshen up wooden indoor basketball courts, ensuring slip resistance.
  126. Spot Clean Wallpaper Borders: Perfect for maintaining decorative borders.
  127. Dog Leash Handle Cleaner: Revive and maintain leather or faux leather handles.
  128. Renew Old Trunks: Perfect for wooden or faux leather vintage trunks.
  129. Fishing Basket Maintenance: Keep your wooden fishing baskets in top shape.
  130. Bowling Ball Bag Cleaner: Clean the exterior of your bowling ball bag.
  131. Renew Wooden Coasters: Keep them looking fresh and free from drink rings.
  132. Clean Tambourines and Hand Percussion: Carefully clean wooden musical instruments to keep their resonance and shine intact.
  133. Clean Slide Projectors: Wipe down and maintain the exterior of slide projectors without damaging the lens.
  134. Renew Display Shelves: Perfect for keeping wooden or metal display shelves in retail stores spotless.
  135. Refresh Garden Tools: Wipe down the handles of rakes, hoes, and spades, preventing dirt buildup and extending their lifespan.
  136. Clean Outboard Motors: Perfect for wiping down and maintaining the shine of boat motors without affecting their functionality.
  137. Maintain Vintage Radios: Bring back the old charm of wooden vintage radios by carefully wiping their exterior.
  138. Restore Wooden Wind Chimes: Ensure the chimes not only sound good but look good as well.
  139. Clean Skateboard Decks: Revive the look of wooden skateboards, making them look as cool as they ride.
  140. Freshen Up Wooden Keychains: Perfect for those decorative or souvenir wooden keychains.
  141. Wipe Down Drumsticks: Ensure a good grip and a clean look for your wooden drumsticks.
  142. Renew Wooden Trophies: Make those accolades shine and remind you of your achievements.
  143. Clean Workbenches: Perfect for maintaining cleanliness and shine in workshops and garages.
  144. Refresh Coat Racks: Wipe down wooden or metal coat racks for a welcoming touch.
  145. Maintain Wooden Jewelry Boxes: Protect your jewelry and the box they come in.
  146. Cane and Walking Frame Cleaner: Wipe down and refresh wooden canes or the non-cushioned parts of walkers.
  147. Darts and Dartboard Cabinet Cleaner: Ensure your game room equipment stays pristine.
  148. Spot Clean Ties and Scarves: Dab away any spots on ties or scarves using a diluted solution, ensuring they don’t fade.
  149. Clean Movie Reel Canisters: Perfect for film enthusiasts who have wooden or metal canisters.
  150. Renew Wooden Speaker Cabinets: Ensure the sound isn’t the only thing that’s sharp about your speakers.
  151. Wipe Down Bannisters: Make sure your staircases are free from smudges and handprints.
  152. Refresh Palettes: Artists can clean their wooden palettes, ensuring colors remain true.
  153. Wooden Bead Cleaner: Great for crafters looking to refresh old wooden beads.
  154. Clean Film Set Props: Ideal for maintaining the appearance of wooden or metal props on film or theater sets.
  155. Wipe Down Soap Molds: Perfect for artisans who use wooden molds for soap-making.
  156. Renew Sewing Machine Pedals: Ensure the pedal is as impressive as the stitches it helps create.
  157. Fishing Reel Handle Cleaner: Maintain the shine and grip of fishing reel handles.
  158. Clean Clipboard: Ensure your wooden clipboard is spotless for that professional touch.
  159. Spot Clean Stuffed Animal Eyes: The plastic or glass eyes on teddy bears or dolls can be gently wiped clean.
  160. Clean Wooden Playsets: Ensure kids’ playgrounds and sets are clean and inviting.
  161. Clean Pinball Machines: Perfect for maintaining the wooden parts of pinball machines in arcades.

Murphy Oil Soap, with its natural and gentle formulation, emerges as a versatile cleaning powerhouse in a myriad of applications. From the everyday domestic uses to more specialized, niche applications, its efficacy underscores the importance of having multi-functional cleaning agents in our arsenal. These extensive tips, ranging from reviving vintage items to maintaining modern-day equipment, serve as a testament to the soap’s adaptability and efficiency. By integrating Murphy Oil Soap into our cleaning routines, not only do we ensure a clean and polished environment, but we also embrace a sustainable and gentle approach to care for our cherished belongings.



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