In a world where go-getters, dream chasers, and corporate climbers are the norm, it can be so easy to lose yourself in the motions of everyday life and forget to appreciate the journey as we become so fixated on the destination. 

Journaling is a great way to make sure that you stop and take a moment to put to ink the insight, perspective, and opinions you’ve gained along life’s road.


What is Journaling?

I would describe journaling as a written record of your thoughts and feelings, and no, it’s not a diary. Whether you are writing from a place of pain, happiness, or even anger, journaling allows you to manifest onto paper the deepest innermost thoughts of your headspace. To say what you actually think, to accept, confront and conquer your fears and flaws, set goals, and most importantly, empower yourself.


Why Should You Start A Journal

Journaling is an effective way of keeping track of important life goals, inspiration, personal observations; it can be a means of self-expression, venting, or even coping. According to some health professionals, journaling can improve your mental health and immune system; who knew?


Journaling Supplies 

Book– Notebook, sketchbook, or scrapbook

Pens– Use these to write your entries and notes.

Pencils– Use this to sketch out doodles.

Markers– Use to write and color.

Highlighters– Use the colored markers to highlight important information.

Ruler– Use this to make sections nice and neat.

Stickers And Washi Tape For decoration or representation.

Glue/ Double-Sided Tape– Use this to keep things in place.


Choose A Book

First things first, before you can begin your exciting journaling journey, you’ll need to pick out a book to use. If you’re just starting out and short on supplies, you can use any notebook for journaling. However, I recommend that you try to go for a book that is unique to what you’d regularly use. That way, it’ll make the journaling experience feel much more special.



Whether you’ve opted for a traditional notebook or something more stylish, personalizing your new journey is a must! Grab yourself some stickers, clipart cut-outs, glitter, decorative tape, or a snippet of your favorite plaid fabric, and apply your signature touches to your new journal.


Finding inspiration to fill the pages

Finding inspiration for your journal entries can be as easy as reflecting on your day, talking about your goals, or just expressing feelings that you’d usually keep to yourself. 

Whatever is on your mind, write it down!


Specific Vs All-In-One 

While some people prefer journals that are centered around specific topics such as diet, exercise, weight loss, business, career, mental health, hobbies, or religion, you can also use an all-in-one approach where every topic is covered in a single journal.


Now that you know where to begin, go ahead and get started on your very own journal, fill its pages with everything that impacts you, makes you smile, keeps you inspired, and maybe one day, you’ll look into one of you’re old journals and see your former self staring back, and you’ll smile, appreciating just how far you’ve come. Stay inspired.

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