Autumn is here and it is time for harvesting and preserving all the fresh produce you are reaping and those that you can get at the farmers’ market before winter starts.

You will need to make a lot of space and get things organized in your pantry for all those cans and packages of food you will be storing.

Here are some pantry storage and organization ideas you will find useful.

Shoe Bag

Use a shoe bag in your pantry to store sachets of spices, herbs and also snack bags. Small spice jars can also be stored in the shoe bag. Hanging the shoe bag on your pantry door or a wall inside your pantry will make it a practical storage solution.

Dollar Store Crates

Dollar store crates can come in very handy for pantry storage. They are budget-friendly and will create a lot of storage space. You can store potatoes, pumpkins, and jars in them.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are great for organizing things. Use them to hang measuring spoons, baking utensils, oven mittens, pots, and pans on your pantry doors and walls.

Pantry Labels

A pantry without labels is hard to navigate. Without properly labeled containers, you will end up opening different jars in order to figure out which one contains the right ingredient for the recipe you want to make for dinner.

First In- First Out

This is a basic tip, but so important. Always remember to keep the older food items at the front of your pantry shelves, and try to always use them up before starting to use fresh and newer food items.

Onions In Stocking

Onions can be kept fresh for a very long time in your pantry. You just need to know how to store them properly. A good way to keep them fresh for long is to store them in pantyhose and hang them in your kitchen or pantry. This way, they will be kept dry and the material of the pantyhose will allow them to get fresh air.

Herb Wreath

When drying herbs, use them to make wreaths and hang them on your pantry doors. They won’t take up much space. They will add some beauty to your kitchen and you can just take pieces of herbs from the wreaths to add to your recipes.

This is a favorite time of year for most people, when canning, preserving and pantry organization become a top priority. I hope you enjoy the season, harvesting and all you will be doing in your kitchen and pantry.


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