Simple living is the goal of many people these days. It is so funny to see how complicated things can seem when trying to figure out how to make life simple again. But that is just how it appears from the outside looking in. Here are some tips on how to make adjustments and enjoy a simple life.


Try to focus on eliminating everything in your mind that is not really beneficial or productive to your life.  Maybe you might even want to detox your circle of friends and acquaintances and interact less with those who make life too complicated and stressful for you.


You only have one life to live. So don’t throw your life away by constantly thinking about things of the past.  You don’t have any control  again over that.  Think about who you are now, and not who you were.  Take a few minutes out of your daily schedule to sit and let your thoughts flow.  Think about the future and all the positive things in your life that you are grateful for. They don’t have to be big things. It could be your weekly grocery, being able to walk, the sunshine each morning, your fresh produce in your garden, family and friends… Whatever it is, make time to acknowledge and appreciate it.


Maybe you need to change your mindset about growth. Most people see growth as always a fast process of changes. But when you are living a simple life, you can actually slow down and accept the fact that growth doesn’t have to be fast-paced. Trees don’t reach their full height overnight. But they do grow very tall over time. Think of your life as a tree, and you will learn to appreciate each phase of your progress.

Let Go

Whether it’s a bad relationship or unnecessary things in your closet, you need to learn to let go. Keeping things in your life that haven’t really got much purpose will weigh you down. Learn the art of letting go and moving on to make space in your life for what is good. Sometimes, it is okay to leave the space empty too.

Productive-Not Busy

Are you just keeping yourself busy, and not being that productive. Sometimes less is more. So evaluate your lifestyle activities, and make sure that the things you use your precious time for make your life or somebody else’s life better.


There will always be something you can complain about. But there is always good in every situation. Try looking on the brighter side of things, and life will seem less complicated. If the situation is really hanging on the negative side, try to focus on finding a solution instead of complaining.

Slow Down

Are you running around daily on fast forward? The buzz of life can trap you, and have you operating like a machine. Try slowing down with the simple things. Enjoy the moment when eating your dinner, practice slow reading, walk whenever you can, and most of all, stop and find some time breathe.

A simple lifestyle is the best way to live. But it might take some effort for you to reset your life and move towards simplicity. You don’t have to rush it. Take baby steps until you start enjoying the pleasures of a simple life.

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