Have you ever seen those beautiful and clutter-free homes in magazines?  You probably think that your house will never look like that.  Don’t feel hopeless. Your house can be clutter-free too. With just a little patience and commitment, your house can be just like those houses in the magazines.

I know, you might be curious to know what can you do to get your house clutter-free. I will be sharing with you ten ways in which you can have a clutter-free house, and maintain it.

 Living Within Your Means

Living within your means will help you to simplify your life. That means less clutter, as things that you don’t really need will not be in your house. The size of your home can depend on how much clutter you may have.  If you happen to find that your closet is running over with too many clothes, don’t think about getting a larger closet.  All you have to do is to get rid of some of the clothes you really don’t need.

Have  A Place For Everything

You should try as much as possible to have a place for everything in order to have a well organized and clutter-free home. Plastic containers are one of the easiest things to help keep everything in place.  By having these containers, you will have fewer things scattered or on countertops and tables. Mark the containers so you will easily know what is inside.

Putting Things Away

There is a little trick on how to put away things.  Put away things where you can quickly find them.  Not having to run all over the house to find things at the right moment will make life a little easier.


If you are have the right resources, you may find it easier to scan most of the paper documents you have been trying to keep organized.  By scanning your paper documents your house will be free from paper clutter.

Put Away Habit

Hang that dress that you didn’t wear back in the closet. Put back the kitchen knife in the drawer after you are finished using it. If you try to put back most things in the right place, it will eventually become a habit, and you will have a more organized home.

Junk Drawers

A junk drawer can be used to store much of the random items in your home.  You may have family members who are always leaving things out of place. You can avoid the argument by throwing those things in the junk drawer.

Kitchen Clutter

A good habit is to wash dirty dishes and clear your kitchen counters as soon as you are done the cooking. If you can manage, you can even clean as you go to prevent clutter in your kitchen.

Change of seasons

After each season wash and properly put away the clothes that you wore for a particular season. This will help with efforts to clear things up and make your closet clutter-free.


Try to train your kids by introducing a large basket in which they can throw their toys when they are finished playing.  Toys can contribute significantly to clutter, so this trick should help to eliminate that problem.


Use a laundry collecting system by placing two tall laundry baskets near to the washing machine.  One for colored clothes and the other for white clothes.  Smaller baskets can also be placed in each room.  You may even implement a rule that on a certain day, the occupants of each room bring their baskets to the laundry room, and sort their clothes into the baskets near to the machine.  A system like this should help to keep dirty laundry in place and not contribute to clutter in your home.

Maintaining a clutter-free is usually easier than it sounds. Always remember that you can choose to have fewer things and use only what you need, so you won’t have to be fixated on always trying to keep unnecessary things in place.

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