I am working on my gardening skills. And one of the issues that needs attention is the health and quality of soil in my garden. Here are some ways that can improve garden and encourage a lush, green and colourful garden.

Add Compost

Adding compost to your soil will strengthen the structure, neutralize the ph, aids in absorbing nutrients, and moisture retention. You can dig holes in areas of your garden where you plan to grow things and put kitchen scraps, then cover with soil.


Use Manure

To improve the health and fertility of your garden’s soil, using aged manure is a great option. Only use manure that’s aged from at least 10 months to a year.


Improve Nitrogen Levels

If your plants are suffering from nitrogen deficiency, adding some mulch to your soil will get them back on track. Grass clippings and other vegetable mulch are rich in nitrogen and great for improving soil fertility; and the best part is, it’s free. 


Soil Amendment

If your soil is lacking nutrients and too acidic, wood makes an inexpensive remedy to the situation. It lowers the acidity in the soil and improves potassium and magnesium levels. If your soil is too alkaline, you can use some sulfur to increase the soil acidity instead.


Plant Beans And Legumes

Another way of improving the nitrogen levels in your soil is to plant some beans or legumes in the bed. These plants increase and stabilize nitrogen levels in the soil as they grow.


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