I thought I would share with you a brilliant way of storing your green onions that won’t dry them out and reduce the flavors.

With this method, you will be storing your green onions in your freezer, and be able to enjoy them for weeks to come.


Wash the green onions properly. You can wash them in room temperature water or chilled water. Heat makes them go bad quickly, so the water you wash them with should be cool.

Next, remove all the withered and browned parts. You don’t want to start with green onions that have already gone bad, as you want to have fresh and flavorsome green onions to cook with.

Put them to dry, then chop them to your desired size. Since you will most likely be using these green onions for sauteeing, chop them to the size that you normally would for this purpose.

Put some room temperature butter on a piece of aluminum foil paper, and add the chopped green onions to it. Mix both the butter and green onions together. This will look similar to when you are making mashed potatoes.

Roll the aluminum foil paper vertically with the butter and green onions in it. This is what will give the paste some shape and hold it together for freezing.

Next, use a knife to cut the rolled-up aluminum foil paper filled with the butter and green onions paste into slices. You should end up having a couple slices of herb butter with a strip of foil around each slice.

Put these slices in a plastic zipper bag, and store in the freezer. You can keep your green onions like this for a very long time.

When you are ready to cook, just use one or as many slices of butter and green onions for sauteeing. Add other herbs and spices to your pot if you want to.

I like that you don’t need to add much more grease or oil for sauteeing, as the frozen butter will melt and serve as the grease. You might not need to add any more oil or grease at all.

This method of storing your green onions will allow you to enjoy the fresh flavor of the herbs even after having them in the freezer for weeks.



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