For most of my life, I have been yearning for a simple life. But for a chapter of my life, I saw things differently. After running away from frugal upbringing in the countryside, I found temporary happiness in a fast paced life. Work, the daily commute, glad rags, rehearsals and performing was my routine. I hardly found the time to enjoy a homemade meal. Everything had to be fast. But it all felt empty… I longed for a different life… A simple and slower one.

When I started making changes to my lifestyle, I was judged by most of my family members. They feared that I had lost track of high ambitions. But what if I did? I just wanted a simple life. And that became my ambition.

I was blessed with financial success on my journey to simple living. Enough so that I could share in many ways with my family. But then again, I became distracted and I began to drift. I was losing connection with a slow and simple life once more.

I did not give up though… I took a big step and built a tiny wooden cottage and moved into it. And I have started my journey again to a simple and slow life. These days I find joy in the simple and sometimes mundane things…

Time with my dogs out in the yard.

Making dinner from scratch in my tiny cottage kitchen.

The fresh air that come in through the window when I shower.

Spending time with my pet rabbits. 

Watching the neighbour’s cat through my bathroom window passing by on the wall .

Listening to the sound of the rain on the roof of my cottage.

Watching my dogs play in the rain.

Watching the rain from my bedroom window.

Laundry hanging on the line in the sun.

Vegetables growing in my garden.

The colourful blooms on all the flowering plants.

Eating fresh mangoes from the our mango tree.

Evenings spent on the porch listening to the critters of the night.

Baking treats for the weekend.

Walking barefoot on the wooden floor in my cottage.

It is not always easy to slow down and find joy in a simple life. But it gets easier when I remember that simple living is a journey and not a destination 🙂

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