Managing myself properly in the kitchen is very important. Of course, I like showing my hubby the few tricks I have up my sleeve, but I also want to be safe in the kitchen.

Things can get really complicated at times when handling pots in the kitchen. So I am going to share with you how to handle your pots like a pro when cooking.

Quick Spoon Rest 

Every cook wants and quick, clean and safe place to rest the spoon when cooking. You can use a regular store-bought spoon rest, or use a plate or bowl from your kitchen.

But did you know that most pots are designed with a spoon rest? Most pots that have handles with holes in them can be used to hold your spoon when cooking.

Simply push the handle of the spoon through the hole in the pot handle, and rest the spoon on the pot cover.

Clothespin Steam Release

There will always be that time when you want to release some steam from your pot without having to leave your pot wide open. Leaving the pot cover halfway over the pot is an option, but I was never too comfortable with that.

So a simple trick I found is to use a clothespin to release the steam. Just pin the clothespin onto the pot, and rest the pot cover on it.

The steam will now be released, while your pot is still being covered. But you will need to make sure you only use a wooden clothespin, and never a plastic one for this trick.

Rubber Band Pot Cover Holder

I have been at the place when I had cats, and they would dip their noses in the pot when it is cool. That is usually after dinner is served though. But it was always a pain to my family.

Who doesn’t want to go back in the pot for seconds when the meal is delicious? But you simply can’t when you realize that the pot has been visited by a furry pet.

Here is an easy way to prevent those critters from getting into your pot. Use two rubber bands to hold down the pot cover.

Put one band over the knob on the pot cover, and stretch it over the pot handle on one side of the pot. Do this on the other side of the pot as well.

Since you will be using rubber bands, you will only be able to use this trick on a pot that is not hot.

Clothespin Hot Pot Rest

If you want a simple and easy option for preventing a hot pot for burning or scorching your beautiful kitchen counters, you can use some clothespins to make a quick pot rest.

All you have to do is to arrange some clothespins on the counter and rest your hot pot on them. You can arrange them in a fancy design, but that is not necessary if you don’t have the time.

I hope these kitchen tips and tricks for handling pots will help you out when the need arrives. If you find these tips helpful, feel free to comment and let me know. Do share a tip too if you have any to share.

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