These vintage style upcycled jar covers with knobs will make a great storage solution for the kitchen and pantry.

They are also a pretty organising solution for your desk to keep stationery, or for your bathroom to keep things like cotton etc.

Materials & Tools

Empty jars 

Knobs with screws

Chalky finish paint

Nail (one will do)



The Steps

If your jars are not already empty, pour the contents into other storage containers and clean the jars and covers properly. The tomato paste in my jars was expired so I got rid of it, then cleaned my jars and covers.



I first spray painted my covers. But I did not like the outcome. So I used chalk paint to paint my covers properly.


After my covers were properly dried, I used a nail and a hammer to make a hole in the middle of each jar cover.





Then it was time to attach the knobs.


I simply inserted a screw from the bottom of the cover and let it protrude on the top side.


Then I put the knob over the screw and tightened it.



I repeated that process for all three jar covers.


I ended up with these beautiful jars 🙂

If you are using these vintage jars with vintage knob covers in the kitchen like me, avoid getting the covers wet, as the paint might wash off.

You can clean the covers on the inside carefully with a wet sponge or cloth and avoid getting the outside of the covers wet.

Use these jars in whatever way you see best. However, I really do like them in my little cabin kitchen 🙂

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