Yesterday, my hubby made my day by making this enamel mug organiser to put in the kitchen in our cabin. 

I have been wanting to make this for quite some time now. So this really put some happiness in my day.

It is a very simple project to do if you would like to try it for yourself.

You will need:

A piece of wood

3 Enamel mugs

Five 1″ Screws

We used a random piece of scrap wood and three mint green enamel mugs.

The piece of wood was damaged, so we needed to do some cutting. Also, we did not want to use such a broad piece of wood.



This is how our piece of wood turned out after cutting and planing. You might not need to do any planing if the wood you are using is smooth enough. 


The Steps


Use a drill with a 1/8″ width and 2 1/2″ length metal bit to bore holes in the mugs for connecting them to the wood.


Use an impact driver with a star point bit to drive the screws through the holes in the mugs and into the wood.


I wanted to be able to easy hang my enamel mug organiser on the wall, so we put two screws on the back.

I tied a piece of rope onto the screws at the back and hang it on a screw on the wall.

So far, I like using this as an organiser for kitchen towels. But I am quite sure I will find other uses for it around the cabin.

I have also decorated it with some dried flowers, and it serves as a nice piece of decor in my kitchen



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