Yes 🙂 This is real! Crates made with popsicle sticks.

And they are functional too. You can use them to store fruits and vegetables on your counter.


Material & Tools:

Thirty popsicle sticks

Glue gun and glue sticks



The Steps

Gather the popsicle sticks you will be using.


Use a pair scissors to cut off the round edges from one of the popsicle sticks.


Hold another popsicle stick in line with the one with the edges removed and cut off the edges from the second popsicle stick as well. Here, you are using the first popsicle stick as measurement for the second one.


Repeat the process for all the popsicle sticks one by one. 


Lay out your popsicle sticks like in the example photo below.


So you should have four sides look like the example in the photo below.


And you should have a set looking like this photo below. This set of sticks will be the bottom of your crate.


Use the glue gun and glue sticks to glue the pieces on each side together. 

So you will end up with all the sides having their pieces attached to each other.


Hold one side with the bottom side and glue them together. Repeat this for all the sides. So all of the four sides should be glued to the bottom.

Glue the sides together on the inside of the crate like in the photo below.


The bottom of your crate should look like the example in the photo below.


The sides of your crate should look like the example in the photo below.

You can stain or paint your crate.



Or you can leave it natural. I made two crates.

I painted one white and I let the other remain natural.

If you are using these as storage crates, just be gentle with them, and do not put too much weight. They are a bit fragile, but very functional and cute.

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