We built our own cottage from scratch. So we also designed the layout of our kitchen. When designing it, we knew it would be a tiny kitchen. And we had to figure out ways for it to have the essential features to make living practical in our cottage.


Stove And Oven

Having a stove for cooking was very important for us. We like being able to cook inside even on rainy days. For that reason, a stove on the inside of our cottage is very important. We also like baking a treat now and then. But we do not have space for a separate oven. So the stove we have has an oven on it. So meals are done seamlessly in our cabin.




A cold glass of water or juice is important for us. The days can be very warm, so being able to have a cold drink means the world to us. Our fridge is a large one. At first, I wanted a small fridge so that it would not take up much space in the cabin. But when I put more thought into it, I realised that a large fridge would be more practical. We like cooking with a lot of fresh vegetables, so we get to keep them fresh for a good amount of time in the fridge. And the fridge is a storage solution for many other food items that we use in our kitchen.


Counter Space

We like having a lot of counter space. But in a tiny cabin, how do we manage to create a lot of counter space? The kitchen sink counter is  very tiny. We decided to compromise on this in order to have enough space for a large stove and a large fridge. So the kitchen island is what we use for counter space. We did not compromise with the size of the kitchen island. We knew that this would be our main counter top for preparing meals and doing activities in the kitchen, so we made sure it was made with a wide counter top.


Food Storage

It is important to us that our food is kept locked away. Some food items are kept in the fridge, and the rest is stored int the  pantry and in a large crate behind the kitchen island. It has a cover that can close properly, so we do not have critters interfering with our food.


An Organisation Solution

Food is not only our main concern when it comes to storage and organisation. We have a generous amount of utensils and stuff that we use in our kitchen. Although, they are not a whole lot, they are still enough to require a good storage space. The shelf under the kitchen island is our major storage space for these items.


Our DIY cottage kitchen has a very simple layout. But careful thought and planning was out into it to make sure our tiny kitchen has the essentials for functionality.

Take care 🙂


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