You don’t have to give up on keeping things clean in your house kitchen and other parts of your house. Here are a few tips and tricks to make cleaning easier for you.

Coca Cola Scouring Pad Refresher

Coca Cola is a refreshing beverage in many households. But in some households, Coca Cola has more uses other than being a go-to drink when you are thirsty.

If you have unpleasant smelling sponges and scouring pads that need some refreshing, pour some Coca Cola over them. Let them soak for an hour or so, then wash them with some soap and hot water,  and rinse properly.

DIY Grill Scouring Pad

When your grill needs a good scouring, make your own DIY scouring pad designed for cleaning a grill properly.

Take a regular sponge and make some slits in it. Take some pieces of Scotch-Brite to match with those slits and glue them in place. Let dry properly, and now you can clean your dirty grill with much ease.

Toothpaste Freshen Up Knives

Did you use your knife to cut some onions or unpleasant smelling food and you just cannot get rid of that scent?

Here is a fix… Wash your knife with some toothpaste. Toothpaste is designed to eliminate bad breath, and it will work the same for getting rid of bad food odors on your knife.

Toothbrush For Cleaning Stove

Let’s face it! It can be a real pain to get your stove clean sometimes. Those crevices and corners with food stuck in them are no fun to clean. Not to mention those stove knobs.

However, with the help of a toothbrush, you can conquer this challenge. Just put some soap on a toothbrush and use to clean those dirty little creases and places on your stove and around the knobs. That is it! The headache should be over.

Zip Tie Drain Cleaner

A drain with food stuck in there is not a good thing to have to deal with. So here is how to get out those food particles with a zip tie.

Make some tiny slits on the zip tie and move it up and down in your sink. The slits should help grip food particles so you can get them out of your sink drain.

Rice And Dish Soap Jar Cleaner

For jars with food stuck in them, a cup of uncooked rice, a little water, and some dish soap should be able to help you out.

Just put the three ingredients mentioned into a dirty jar, put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously. Voila! The stuck food should have loosened up and you can now rinse the jar clean. This method is really great for cleaning peanut butter jars too.

Natural Orange Air Freshener

Want to make a room smell as fresh and citrusy as an orange? Here is an easy way to do just that…

Take a fresh orange, slice off the top and bore a hole in the middle of it. Insert a fork to loosen up the juice inside the orange. Pour a little white vinegar into the orange. Insert a spray top and use as a room freshener for the day. Make sure to use a very juicy orange.

Coca Cola Faucet Cleaner

Maybe by now, you have heard a lot about Coca Cola being a good cleaning agent and it’s ability to get rid of rust.

Well, if you have faucets that are starting to rust, maybe some Coca Cola can help you out. Pour some Coca Cola into a plastic bag, and tie it onto the faucet. Let it soak overnight, and you should see some improvements.

DIY Dusting Tool 

You can make your own dusting tool with a clothes rack and the foot of a pantyhose. This tool will be perfect for dusting and cleaning out tight areas.

Simple cut off the foot of a pantyhose and slip over the rack. Use to clean out corners of your sofa and other areas that are challenging to access.

Steel Wool And Hairbrush

In most kitchens, a ball of steel wool is needed at some point in time. But the pain of using a ball of steel wool is not pleasant to have to deal with, as it can cut the skin on your fingers, or even damage your fingernails.

To avoid all this damage to your hands, insert a clean or new hairbrush into the steel wool. Now you will be able to hold the handle of the brush while getting to scour your pots and pans with the steel wool.

If you find these tips helpful, feel free to comment and let me know. Do share a tip too if you have any to share.


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