If you are like me, you usually have some empty sauce or pickle glass jars that you think are just to precious to part ways with.

Well… Here is a beautiful and practical project to make your jars useful.

I made this DIY Upcycled Lantern in less than two hours. And I really like how it turned out.

You will need a glass jar, hot glue, skewers and rope.

First, put a dot of hot glue right below the neck of the jar and another dot of glue at the bottom of the jar in line with the dot of glue at the top. 

Place a skewer on the glue and repeat this until you complete the entire jar.

Use a cutting tool to cut the extra length off the skewers.

Then put some hot glue around the jar at the bottom, then wrap two rows of rope around the bottom of the jar where the skewers end.

Cut a piece of rope for the handle of the lantern and glue at the top between the skewers.

Put some glue around the jar at the top of the skewers and also covering the end of the handles you have installed.

Wrap three rows of rope around that area and voila your lamp is now ready for lighting.

String lights are great for this lantern, but you can also use candles.

Use your lantern to decorate a table, shelf, counter top or hang in area of your home 🙂

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