I am a very rustic girl. And since I live in a cabin, I like decorating with elements from nature. But sometimes, I do fancy a bit of whimsical decor. So when I saw this rustic and whimsical twig frame on Pinterest, I wanted to make my own version. This is what I came up with, and I love it.



Wall frame

Twig from tree

Chalky finish paint (optional)

Strong adhesive (Gorilla glue should work well. I used Pattex glue.)


The Steps

Clean the frame you will be using and make sure there is no dust on it.



Apply the chalk paint to the frame and let it dry properly. This should be dry in about two hours. Please note that painting your frame is optional, as you can use your frame with the finish it already has. Especially if you like it that way.



After the paint is dry, cut a little piece from two connecting sides of your frame. This step could have been done before painting. 


The twig you will be using should be able to connect to both of the cut off sides of the frame.


Shave a the two areas of the twig where you will be gluing onto the frame. Shaving will make it into a flat surface which will be easier to be attached to the frame.

Apply glue to the twig and the two cut off ends of the frame and attach the twig to the frame. However, please read the instructions on the glue you are using so you can apply it properly to get the best results.


It is best to let the glue dry at least for overnight, or until you can see that it is properly dried before trying to mount your frame.

You can decorate your home with this frame as is, or you can get even more create and put a photo or something you like in it 🙂


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