Spending a lot of money on pieces for decorating my home has never been my thing. I always like to see how I can recycle, upcycle, makeover, repurpose or make do with what I have already. I don’t only do this for decor. I like to do the same with organizing my home too. Mind you, I like to see pretty little things around my home, but I just don’t want to have to think too hard about how much I had to spend. So for even kitchen decor and organization, I think it is best to organize and decorate in a simple and budget-friendly way.

Cute Grater Kitchen Organizer & Decor

I saw this idea on Pinterest with a grater being used as an organizer for herbs and kitchen towels. I fell in love and had to try it for myself. To do this project for yourself, the things you will need are a grater, a regular piece of sponge, your favorite kitchen towel and some herbs.


The first step you will take is to put the sponge inside of the grater. The sponge will act as a stopper to prevent the herbs from falling through the grater. You can now hang the grater to make it ready for inserting the herbs. Make sure to hang the grater upside down. The wide part should be at the top to put the herbs, and the handle should be at the bottom to hang the kitchen towel.

After installing the grater where you want it, go ahead and insert the herbs and a pretty kitchen towel.

You will want to use herbs that you are not trying to keep fresh and green. Maybe you want to leave them for drying, or you will just take them from the display and use in your meals and projects until they are finished.

You do not have to stick with herbs for this display. You can use dried flowers or even fresh flowers too. If you have nice wooden spoons or utensils that you would want to have on display to decorate your kitchen, you may use them instead of herbs and flowers.

If you have a pretty apron, you can use that instead of the kitchen towel.

You can hang this beautiful DIY decor and organizer on your cabinet, pantry door or simply on your kitchen wall. If you find this DIY helpful, feel free to comment and let me know. And do share a tip too if you have any to share.

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