I like seeing pretty things in my kitchen and around my home. Pieces made with gingham really warm my heart, and I think they make a home look warm and welcoming too.

For this DIY project, I used a gingham kitchen towel to transform into a bowl cover. No sewing is required, and you can get this done in less than half of an hour.

You will need some fabric glue, ribbons, a kitchen towel and a pair of scissors. The glue is what you will be using to hold the bowl cover together so you won’t have to do any form of sewing.


Cut the four corners of the kitchen towel. This is to create space for the ribbons that you will be inserting in the bowl cover. These ribbons will become drawstrings to tighten and hold in place the cover on top of a bowl.

Lay the ribbons near to the edges of the towel. Make sure to leave space for putting the glue and folding the edges. You can choose to only use two pieces of ribbons and only place them on two sides of the towel. Or you can use four pieces of ribbon and place them on all four sides of the towel.

Put some fabric glue on all the sides of the towel that you have put a ribbon. Do not let it come in contact with the ribbons, as you need them to be free to act as drawstrings.

Fold the sides of the towel over the ribbons in order to seal them up with the glue. You might need to run your fingers over the folded area to straighten things out and get it looking smooth.

Let the glue dry properly before attempting to use your new bowl cover. Depending on the glue you are using, it could be dry in an hour or maybe you will need to wait a few hours.

After the glue is dry, place the cover over a bowl and draw the strings around it to keep the cover in place. I do hope you enjoy using your new DIY bowl cover.


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