This is going to be one of your favourite DIY projects if you try it!

I crafted this beautiful DIY Canister Bottle Lamp in less than an hour.

I used acrylic paints, two paint brushes, a glass canister bottle and lighting.

Here is how to make your own…

Wash your canister properly to get rid of any grease or debris on both the inside and the outside.

Dry the bottle properly. You will want to try and remove any smears or moisture to prepare the inside for the lighting piece of your choice, and prepare the outside for painting.

I used yellow paint for the middle of the flowers and white paint for the petals with green dots around the flowers.

First, make your yellow dots in places where you will be painting a flower.

Then make white strokes around each dot to form the shape of the flowers with petals.

Next, make small green strokes in random areas around the flowers.

The paint should be properly dried within two hours the most. After which you can add your lighting.

Decorate a counter top, table or shelf with your new piece of canister bottle lamp decor 🙂

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