Wood cabinets get dirty very easily. They collect dust, grease splatters, spills recoil and so much more.

Your home looks more comfortable when you do your best to care for your cabinets. A large part of maintaining wood cabinets includes cleaning.

There are different ways to clean and each has its own merit and will protect your cabinet differently.

You can use commercial cleaning products such as Murphy’s oil soap or you can make your own cleaning product from common household ingredients.

Here are a few cleaning ideas to assist you with cleaning your wooden cabinets. 


Furniture Wipes

Furniture wipes are handy to have around , they aid in helping you to clean your cabinets or other wooden surfaces daily or whenever you’re doing a deep cleaning.

They can be extremely helpful in helping you to keep your kitchen cabinets clean all the time.

There is no doubt that the kitchen accounts for a lot of trafficking  on a daily basis.

A mess can be made when cooking or your cabinets can accumulate dust over a period of time if cleaning hasn’t been done in a while.

By using furniture wipes you maintain the cleanliness of your cabinets. Daily cleaning of your cabinets will make it easier for you to do your weekly cleaning and it will also maintain the appearance of your wooden cabinets. 

Murphy has a great line of cleaning products, however its recommended that you use the Murphy’s soft wipes which does a good job at cleaning wood surfaces.

These are convenient to have around and they do not harm your wood furniture. 


Toothbrush and Spray Bottle

Sometimes using furniture wipes alone doesn’t get rid of all the mess on wood  cabinets.

Often times when doing a overall cleaning of all the parts of a wood cabinet it requires something to get in the crevices and corners of the cabinet. This is where a toothbrush and and spray bottle comes in necessary.

Before using the toothbrush and the spray bottle you may want to remove excess dirt of build up from the cabinet with a furniture wipes.

After doing this, you can then use the toothbrush to brush away dirt or mess that maybe left in the crevices of the cabinets .

You may also make a mixture of water  and Murphy’s Oil soap( not too much soap) or you could just use water alone and spray directly into the crevices of the cabinet.

This will help to get out anything that’s there. After using the the toothbrush or the spray bottle to get rid of extras you can then use a furniture wipes to wipe away anything that came from the crevices or corners of the cabinet.

This will leave your cabinet looking as good as new.


Vinegar and Water

Vinegar makes a great substitute for soap when it comes to cleaning your wooden cabinets.  Vinegar helps to cut grease and removes odors.

Depending on how greasy the cabinet is the vinegar can be diluted with an equal amount of water.

To use vinegar and water solution , spray the solution directly onto the area that has the mess. After spraying it , allow the solution to penetrate the area for a minute or two.

You can use a furniture wipes or a damp sponge to wipe away dirt or mess from your cabinet. An oil and vinegar solution can also be used to clean and protect your wood cabinets. 


Oil Soap Deep Clean

You can deep clean your cabinets every 2 weeks or more. A deep clean serves to lift the baked in dirt and condition the wood.

Based on the frequency of a deep clean, you may apply wax each time. Using oil soap to do deep cleaning will give the wood a fresh scent.

It will also allow you to reach into the cracks of the wood and get behind handles. Just follow this easy method for deep cleaning with oil soap.

You will need Murphy’s oil soap, a soft cloth and fresh water. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Murphy’s oil soap in some water.

Then apply this to the cabinet in light circular motions. This ensures that you don’t scrape the varnish. After you’ve fully coated the cabinet in oil soap, just moisten the cloth with fresh water and wipe away the soap.

It is important to test any oil soap that you’re about to use on an inconspicuous spot. If the area gets cloudy or white then it may cause damage. However, Murphy’s oil soap is usually quite safe and will protect the wood.

Different Ways To Clean Wood Cabinets

This article is about four different ways in which you can clean and protect your wood cabinets.


    Furniture Wipes: These are effective in doing a quick cleaning or a deep cleaning at any time. If you're worried about getting your cabinets damaged furniture wipes are safe and they don't cause any damage .

    Toothbrush and Spray Bottle: For the hard to reach places on your cabinets, a toothbrush and a spray bottle can help to get the cleaning job done. This is one of the best ways to clean the crevices of your cabinets.

    Vinegar and Water: Instead of going out of your way to get some wood furniture cleaner, why not try vinegar and water? These are items that are always present in your home and they sometimes do a better job than other expensive cleaners.

    Oil Soap Deep Clean: Most oil soaps are gentle and they do not cause harm to wood surfaces. Oil soaps also leaves your cabinets with a fresh scent.

It is recommended that you clean your wood cabinets frequently. Dirt build up can cause the wood to decay and rot or chip easily.

This is also a way to brighten your home and make it fresh. Choose any of these methods for a daily clean or a deep cleaning .

If your cabinets have not been coated with varnish, they may be absorbent to certain polishes and ingredients. They may also look dull, clean them with a wax based polish to keep them looking shiny and bright.

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