Cleaners can be an expensive part of having your own home or living space. Commercial cleaners also come with allergens and harmful chemicals that linger.

These chemicals can cause allergic reactions that may result in skin or respiratory issues.

It’s best to use natural cleaners and it’s much cheaper to make them at home. Most of these contains ingredients you would already have.

The ingredients are also naturally occurring chemicals like baking soda or vinegar. Try any of the 10 best homemade cleaner recipes.

 Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you need a quick solution for cleaning counter tops, sinks and faucets, you can quickly make your own.

It’s as simple as mixing baking soda and vinegar. You can choose to wet the surface and apply the baking soda directly.

Then give it a spritz with vinegar and let it sit. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before wiping it clean.

You can also mix 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of baking soda in a spray bottle for use whenever you like.

Borax and Castile Soap

Borax is an amazing laundry booster and will boost any cleaning solution you add it to. A great one to make at home will constitute borax and Castile soap.

Add  4 cups of Castile soap to 2 cups of borax. This will create a paste that you can use with your laundry or in your bathroom cleaning.

Before you begin to wipe or wash ensure that all the borax is dissolved. If you want to add a customized scent, add a few drops of essential oil.

Castile soap is meant to cut grease, so it won’t be greasy.

 Murphy’s Solvent

For fabulous tile cleaning, Murphy oil soap and baking soda is amazing. Take a bucket with a liter of water and add 1 tablespoon of Murphy oil soap and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

Use this to wipe the floor as many times as needed. Once you’re done, wipe again with fresh water.

This is because the baking soda will cause the tiles to become cloudy. This solution will also dispel insects that seem to come around in warmer climates.

Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda and lemon will help you to clean your faucets and stainless steel fixtures. To make it just cut a lemon in half and sprinkle it with baking soda.

Then use this to scrub the surface of the things you’re trying to clean. Once the surface is completely covered, just wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

This will make all stainless steel clean and shiny. It will also leave the room with a fresh natural scent. Keep baking soda and lemons handy to do this a few times per week.

 Toothpaste and Baking Soda for grout

When it comes time to clean the grout between tiles, it can be taxing. It can also be difficult to find a non toxic cleaner for the heavy lifting.

You can easily make one at home. If you have white toothpaste, mix a small amount with 1 table spoon of baking soda.

Make a paste and apply it to the grout between the tiles. Let this sit for about an hour, then go in with a tooth brush.

You can also use a brush that is small enough to get between the tiles. Give it a scrub until the dirt and mold begins to lift. Then rinse it away with fresh water.

 Dish Soap and White Vinegar

A great kitchen cleaner will come in the form of dish soap and white vinegar. Just add 1 table spoon of Dawn dish soap to 1 liter of vinegar.

Use this to clean the counter tops, sink, faucets and kitchen cabinets. Dawn dish soap is gentle on all materials and will work with the vinegar to cut grease and dirt.

You can add this to a spray bottle to use in other areas around the house. This can also be used to remove ink from your fluffy pets if they get into it with the kids.


If you have issues in your household with allergic reactions from children or pets, a great allergen free cleaner is vinegar.

Just reach into the pantry and add 3 cups of vinegar to 1 liter of water and use this to wipe the floors and counter tops.

If you have oscillating fans around the house, this is also a great cleaner for the vents and blades.

Other cleaners tend to spread through the air to trigger allergies. It is best to ensure that the cleaners used on air vents are allergen free.

 Carpet Stain Remover

Remove any carpet stain with this powerful homemade cleaner recipe. Take 1/4 cup of table salt, 1/4 cup of borax and 14/ cup of white vinegar.

Mix these together to make a paste that can be stored in a small jar for a few days. Use it by applying it to the stain and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Once the time has passed, give the area a light scrub or go in with a vacuum to remove the stain and the cleaner residue.

You may have to leave it on a bit longer for even tougher stains.

 Dusting Spray- Teabags, lemon juice, water

What if I told you that you could also make your own dusting spray? Start by brewing some tea, choose your favorite and allow it to steep in 4 cups of warm water.

This will become your base, to which you’ll add 2 cups of lemon juice. For a more fragrant cleaner, add a few drops of essential oils and shake well.

Use this to clean and dust all your furniture and appliances. The lemon juice will provide an incredible disinfectant.

The tea and essential oils will be fragrant and will help to protect the furniture.

All Purpose Cleaner

This is a cleaner that will work for all areas of the house. The natural cleaning properties will reduce germs and leave the room clean and fresh.

Add 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar, 10 drops of essential oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 3 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of liquid Castile soap.

Add these ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well. Use your all purpose cleaner on everything in the home from furniture to floors.

10 Best Homemade Cleaner Recipes

Instead of using dangerous cleaners that can be toxic to your health you can make your own that is natural and safe. Here are ten homemade cleaner recipes.


    Baking Soda and Vinegar:Vinegar and baking soda are very powerful when it comes to cleaning.These are also among the most widely used cleaning solutions.

    Borax and Castile Soap: Not only can you use borax in your laundry but it can be combined with castile soap to clean your house.

    Murphy’s Solvent: Murphy Oil Soap is known to be used on wood surfaces but its also great for cleaning other surfaces.

    Baking Soda and Lemon: This is a really great combination, in addition to cleaning it really leaves your home smelling fresh.

    Toothpaste and Baking Soda for grout: There is always an alternative to pricey cleaning products and this is also a safe and healthy way to clean your grout.

    Dish Soap and White Vinegar: This solution is good at cleaning your counters and other areas in your home and removing grease.

    Vinegar: This liquid is allergen free and very safe for cleaning your home.

    Carpet Stain Remover: You don't have to throw out your carpet because stains. Here is a all natural carpet cleaning solution.

    Dusting Spray- Teabags, lemon juice, water: Making your owning dusting spray with items you already have at home is just awesome!

    All Purpose Cleaner: You can make your own dusting spray and you can also make your own all purpose cleaner at home with simple ingredients.

These cleaners can be modified to suit your own needs. If you need each to be more powerful or if you’d like to reduce the strength, it’s safe to do so.

You can also make these in batches for use multiple times per week. Share these homemade solutions with friends or try them your self.

Let us know which ones worked for you or are your favorites.

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