Autumn is a good season of the year to get some work done in your garden. The soil will still have a good amount of warmth in it from the past summer. It also is a very good time for planting those plants that can withstand the winter.

If you are a new gardener and don’t know much about gardening, don’t hurt your head or panic. Below you will find great tips to guide you along with your autumn gardening.

Mulching Your Garden

One of your gardens’ best friend is mulch. It’s like a natural fertilizer. It helps to keep down weeds and it also helps to hold moisture, so that you don’t have to water very often. Mulch gradually breaks down into the soil and help to improve it by feeding it with nutrients. It also helps to keep down weeds. So go ahead and mulch your garden.

Building A Garden Bed

One great attraction in any garden is a garden bed. This is where you will grow your vegetables or flowers. Before building your garden bed, always think about the location. Not all plants need a lot of sunlight, while some plants do need a lot of sunlight. When building your garden bed, I would advise you to purchase some topsoil, so that your plants will get enough nutrients to start growing.


Try to choose a well-balanced fertilizer. It should have equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It should also contain calcium. Plant cells will be encourage to get thicker, and your plants will be able to keep off fungus disease during the winter season.

How To Make Compost

At this time of the year, there are always a lot of leaves falling on the ground. Gather all these leaves together to help start making compost. Compost can be made from leaves, kitchen scraps, banana peels, orange skins, and garden waste. Compost acts as a natural fertilizer, and it will save you a lot of money.

Flower Planting

The moisture that autumn conditions brings, will help your newly planted flowers, to get a push start. At the same time, not all flowers can be planted in this season. There are many colorful flowers that you can plant, such as:- Japanese anemones, September charms, Buttercups and the Asters.

Cleaning-up The Garden

Try to remove all diseased or pest-infested material. Your roses may have dead leaves with black spots. So it’s better to remove them now in order to reduce the problems that might follow in the coming year.

Bulbs Planting

You may have planted many beautiful flowers already. But have you tried planting bulbs? Autumn is the right time to plant bulbs, because they will have enough time to grow during the winter season. After you have bought a variety of bulbs, put them in a spot with plenty of sunlight. Spring will welcome you with all these lovely colored flowers.

Try to do all your prep and planting, because autumn is the best time to work. Just think about all those lovely soups you will make from the garden that you have planted. I guess you will be keeping warm for the winter.

With the above-mentioned tips, your garden will survive the cold winter and will be sure to come out so beautiful in the spring.

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