While the Amish are known for their rejection of many modern conveniences, they have contributed significantly to the American product landscape. Several Amish brands have transcended their humble origins to become household names. Let’s dive into 25 brands born from the Amish way of life:


  1. Amish Home Style: Specializing in handmade candles and home fragrances, these products bring a rustic touch to any living space.
  2. Amish Woven: Known for their intricately woven rugs and mats, using age-old techniques and durable materials.
  3. Old Century Paint Co.: Producing a range of traditional milk paints, these are perfect for anyone wanting a vintage look in their home.
  4. Amish Herbal Remedies: Harnessing the power of nature, this brand offers a selection of traditional herbal tonics and remedies.
  5. Amish Heritage Salves & Balms: Emphasizing natural ingredients, their products are used for a variety of skin ailments and promote overall skin health.
  6. Nature’s Hollow Health Products: Producing health supplements and natural medicines, these products draw from age-old Amish health recipes.
  7. Amish Home Soaps: This line of soaps is known for being gentle on the hands and effective on dirt. Many of these soaps are crafted using traditional recipes.
  8. Clean Haven Naturals: Emphasizing the power of natural ingredients, this brand provides a range of cleaning solutions free from harsh chemicals.
  9. Amish Broom Company: Offering handcrafted brooms and cleaning tools that not only last but also are efficient in cleaning.
  10. Gardening:
  11. Amish Gardens: Specializing in heirloom seeds and gardening tools, this brand is perfect for those wanting to bring the Amish touch to their gardens.
  12. Green Valley Tool: They offer durable, hand-forged gardening tools crafted to make gardening tasks easier and more efficient.
  13. Amish Greenhouses: Known for their sturdy design, these greenhouses are perfect for garden enthusiasts wanting to extend their growing season.
  14. Heritage Farm & Garden: Supplying organic fertilizers and pest control solutions, this brand emphasizes natural and sustainable gardening practices.
  15. Amish Harvest: A brand known for its organic and non-GMO seeds, allowing gardeners to grow their own produce with confidence.
  16. Amish Land Heirloom Seeds: Specializing in seeds passed down through generations, this brand offers a diverse range of plants, from vegetables to flowers
  17. DutchCrafters: Specializing in handmade Amish furniture, DutchCrafters is known for its high-quality wood craftsmanship.
  18. Lehman’s: Initially founded to serve the Amish community in Ohio, Lehman’s now offers non-electric tools, household items, and toys to a broader market.
  19. Amish Country Popcorn: Grown in the heart of Amish country, this popcorn is known for its unique flavors and high quality.
  20. A&L Furniture: This brand offers handcrafted outdoor furniture that’s built to last.
  21. Farm to Skin: Emphasizing the Amish philosophy of simple and natural living, Farm to Skin offers skincare products using ingredients straight from the farm.
  22. Troyer Cheese: Located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, Troyer is renowned for its cheeses and meats.
  23. Raber’s Patio Furniture: Offering high-quality outdoor furniture, Raber’s combines traditional Amish woodworking techniques with modern materials.
  24. Miller’s Homemade Soap: This brand emphasizes natural ingredients and traditional processes to produce quality skincare products.
  25. The Drying Rack: A brand offering handmade wooden clothes drying racks, reflecting the Amish emphasis on simplicity and utility.
  26. Amish Origins: Offering a line of therapeutic products, including ointments and creams, drawing from traditional Amish medicinal recipes.
  27. Countryside Amish Furniture: Recognized for its vast collection of handmade wooden furniture, tailored for modern homes.
  28. Holmes County Popcorn: Beyond their famed popcorn, they also offer other treats like old-fashioned soda pops and more.
  29. Yoder’s Good Health Recipe: An all-natural herbal tonic that draws upon Amish traditional remedies.
  30. Jake’s Amish Furniture: A testament to craftsmanship, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture.
  31. Lapps Toys: Handmade wooden toys, games, and furniture for children, emphasizing durability and timeless design.
  32. Stutzman’s Pantry: Offering a range of products from jellies to sauces, all emphasizing natural ingredients and traditional recipes.
  33. Amish Country Essentials: A skincare brand offering products made from natural ingredients like beeswax and botanical oils.
  34. Esh’s Handmade Quilts: Showcasing the intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship of Amish quilt-making.
  35. Amish Baskets and Beyond: Providing hand-woven baskets for various household needs.
  36. Miller’s Amish Bakery: Serving up fresh, preservative-free baked goods, from bread to pastries.
  37. Green Meadow Furniture: Emphasizing sustainable practices, they offer beautifully crafted wooden furniture.
  38. Amish Canning Co.: This brand offers a plethora of canned goods, from vegetables to fruits, emphasizing natural flavors and preservation methods.
  39. Simply Amish: A widespread brand known for its range of handmade furniture catering to various styles and household needs.
  40. Yoder’s Gazebos: Crafted with precision, these gazebos are known for their durability and elegant designs.
  41. Amish Workshops: Beyond furniture, they offer a range of products like birdhouses, mailboxes, and more, reflecting the Amish craftsmanship and simplicity.


The diversity of products and brands hailing from the Amish community underscores their resourcefulness and their commitment to quality and sustainability. Many of these products, built on traditions passed down through generations, offer a stark contrast to the disposable culture prevalent today, emphasizing durability, sustainability, and natural harmony.


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