WD-40 Laundry Hacks: Unmasking a Laundry Room Hero

While WD-40 might be better known for its prowess in garages and workshops, this versatile product also has an impressive set of applications in the laundry room. From stain removal to equipment maintenance, here are 25 WD-40 hacks that can revolutionize your laundry day:

  1. Gum Removal: If you’ve got gum stuck to clothes, spray a bit of WD-40 and let it sit for a few minutes before washing. The gum should come right off.
  2. Lipstick Stains: Dab some WD-40 on lipstick marks, let it sit, then launder as usual to remove those stubborn stains.
  3. Sticker Residue: Got a stubborn sticker or tape residue on your clothes? WD-40 can help dissolve it away.
  4. Crayon Marks: If a crayon finds its way into your dryer, WD-40 can help remove the colorful marks left on clothes and the dryer drum.
  5. Ink Stains: Spray the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash to get rid of ink splatters.
  6. Clean & Lubricate Washer Drums: If your washing machine drum squeaks or sticks, WD-40 can help smooth its movement.
  7. Ring Around the Collar: Apply, let it sit, and then wash to remove those pesky sweat stains on shirt collars.
  8. Remove Oil & Grease Stains: WD-40 is excellent at breaking down oil. Spray on the stain, wait a bit, and then wash.
  9. Lubricate Zippers: If you have a stuck zipper on a jacket or pair of jeans, a quick spray can help it slide smoothly.
  10. Rust Stains: Got rust stains from metal buttons or clasps? A squirt of WD-40 before washing can help lift them.
  11. Lubricate Irons: If your iron’s steam vents are getting clogged, WD-40 can help clean them out.
  12. Scuff Marks on Shoes: Spray on scuffs, especially on rubber parts, and wipe away with a cloth to restore your shoes.
  13. Dissolve Adhesive Residues: If there are sticky spots from labels or other adhesives on your fabrics, WD-40 can help break it down.
  14. Freshen Up Smelly Sneakers: Spray a small amount inside stinky shoes, wipe away the excess, and leave to air out.
  15. Prevent Color Fading: A light spray on dark clothes can help lock in the color. However, always test a small patch first.
  16. Remove Shoe Polish from Clothes: Got a smear of shoe polish on your clothes? Dab with WD-40, then wash.
  17. Lubricate Laundry Rack: If you have a retractable laundry rack that’s stiff, WD-40 can make it glide smoothly.
  18. Dissolve Superglue: If you’ve accidentally got superglue on fabric, a little WD-40 can help dissolve it.
  19. Untangle Jewelry: Spray a bit on tangled necklaces to make them easier to untwine.
  20. Protect Outdoor Clotheslines: Coat metal parts of your clothesline with WD-40 to prevent rust.
  21. Loosen Old Dried Paint: If you’ve got paint splatters on clothes, spray, and rub to soften the paint before washing.
  22. Clean Laundry Baskets: Remove sticky residues or marks from plastic laundry baskets with a quick spray and wipe.
  23. Remove Tar Stains: If you’ve got tar on clothes, WD-40 can help break it down. Spray, wait, and wash.
  24. Clean Starch Build-up on Irons: Spray WD-40, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe the iron’s surface clean.
  25. Refresh Old Raincoats: A light spray can rejuvenate water resistance on older raincoats. Again, test on a small patch first.

Always exercise caution when using WD-40 on fabrics. Conduct patch tests when trying on delicate or colored fabrics to ensure there’s no discoloration or damage. Moreover, if WD-40 comes into contact with clothing, ensure it is washed thoroughly before being worn. With these safety precautions in mind, WD-40 can be an unexpected hero in the laundry room, simplifying many tasks and resolving numerous challenges.

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