Vintage WD-40 Hacks: Time-Tested Tricks for Modern Problems

WD-40, the legendary water-displacing spray, was created in 1953 and quickly became a household staple. Beyond the obvious use of loosening rusty bolts, this versatile product has an array of applications, many of which are passed down through the years. Here are 25 vintage WD-40 hacks that stand the test of time:

  1. Gum Removal: Spray WD-40 on gum stuck to shoes, hair, or carpet. Let it sit for a moment and then easily peel the gum off.
  2. Sticker Residue: Remove sticky adhesive residue from surfaces by spraying with WD-40 and wiping clean.
  3. Unstick Zippers: Spray a small amount on the zipper and move it up and down to spread the lubricant, making it function smoothly again.
  4. Waterproofing: A light coat on boots or shoes can act as a water repellent.
  5. Ring Remover: If a ring is stuck on your finger, spray a bit of WD-40 around it, and it should slide right off.
  6. Clean Crayon Marks: Spray WD-40 on crayon marks on walls or furniture and wipe away with a cloth.
  7. Prevent Snow Buildup: Spray it on windows during winter to prevent snow and ice from sticking.
  8. Silence Squeaky Hinges: Apply to door hinges, garage doors, or anywhere there’s an annoying squeak.
  9. Clean Tar Stains: Spray it on car surfaces to remove tough tar and sap stains.
  10. Rust Prevention: Coat garden tools, and they’ll be less likely to rust after exposure to moisture.
  11. Free Sticky Mechanisms: Revive old locks or sticky mechanisms by spraying and letting the WD-40 penetrate.
  12. Remove Coffee & Ink Stains: Spray on the stain, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wash off.
  13. Keep Pests Away: Spray it around doorframes or windowsills to keep spiders and other pests at bay.
  14. Renew License Plates: Clean off dirt and protect from rust by spraying and wiping your plates down.
  15. Separate Stuck Glassware: If two glasses are stuck together, spray a little around the edges, and they should come apart easily.
  16. Untangle Jewelry Chains: Spray a bit on the tangled area and use a pin to gently untangle.
  17. Protect Shower Heads: Prevent lime buildup by occasionally spraying your showerhead.
  18. Remove Lipstick Stains: A bit of WD-40 can help lift lipstick stains from clothing.
  19. Clean Scuff Marks: Remove scuff marks on floor tiles or PVC windows by spraying and wiping.
  20. Lubricate Tracks: Be it sliding doors or windows, a light spray can help them glide smoothly.
  21. Prevent Wasps’ Nests: Spray under eaves in spring to deter wasps from building nests.
  22. Ease Sticky Drawers: If a wooden drawer sticks, a quick spray on the tracks can make it slide smoothly.
  23. Clean Grill Grates: After your BBQ, spray it on, wait a few minutes, and scrub away burnt-on residues.
  24. Remove Oil Stains from Driveways: Spray on the stain, let it sit, and then wash away with soap and water.
  25. Prevent Snow Shovel Sticking: Spray your snow shovel blade, and the snow will slide right off, making the task easier.

These old-school WD-40 hacks are not just remnants of the past; they offer practical solutions to everyday problems we still face today. However, always use WD-40 in a well-ventilated area and be aware of its flammability. Keep it out of reach of children and always test in an inconspicuous area first.

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