A spic and span kitchen is a joy to work in, but over time, wood cabinets can accumulate layers of grease and grime. While many commercial cleaners can effectively tackle this problem, they often come loaded with chemicals that might not be best for your family or the environment. Here are 25 non-toxic methods to get those cabinets gleaming again:

  1. Distilled Vinegar & Water: Mix equal parts and gently wipe the wood. Vinegar naturally breaks down grease without any harsh chemicals.
  2. Potato Starch: Dust the greasy area lightly, let it absorb the grease, then brush away.
  3. Cucumber Slices: The natural cleansing properties of cucumber can be used to wipe away light grease stains.
  4. Glycerin & Water: A mixture of glycerin and water can act as a gentle cleanser to break down grease.
  5. Tomato Paste: Apply a small amount to the greasy spot, let it sit, then wipe away. It’s acidic nature helps break down the grease.
  6. Coconut Oil: Use a dab to gently rub the area, and then polish with a soft cloth.
  7. Brewed Tea: The tannic acid in tea can help cut through grease. Use cooled black tea on a cloth to wipe cabinets.
  8. Chamomile Tea Bags: Used chamomile tea bags can be gently rubbed on grease spots to help dissolve them.
  9. Flour: Just like with other powders, sprinkle, let it sit, then brush away.
  10. Lettuce Leaves: Surprisingly, the natural moisture and texture of lettuce can help rub away grease spots. Just use a leaf and buff gently.
  11. Wheat Bran: Mix with a little water to create a paste, scrub lightly, and then rinse.
  12. Plain Carbonated Water: The effervescence can help break up grease particles, making it easier to wipe off.
  13. Oats: Make a paste with water, apply, and gently scrub. Oats act as a natural abrasive.
  14. Pineapple Juice: Its acidity can help break down grease. Wipe with diluted juice and then with clear water.
  15. Cornmeal: Its slightly abrasive nature can help in scrubbing off the grease.
  16. Banana Peels: Use the inside of a banana peel to gently scrub and break down grease stains.
  17. Walnut Scrub: Crush some walnuts and mix them with water. Use this mixture to scrub the grease off gently.
  18. Almond Oil: A little almond oil on a cloth can help dissolve grease and give your cabinets a nice shine.
  19. Vanilla Extract: A dab on a soft cloth can help remove light grease stains and leave a pleasant aroma.
  20. Rosewater & Lemon: Mix together and apply to greasy areas, scrub lightly, and rinse.
  21. Barley: Create a paste using ground barley and water. Apply, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse.
  22. Yogurt: Its lactic acid content can help in breaking down grease. Smear plain yogurt on the stain, leave it for a while, and then wipe off.
  23. Grapefruit Peel: The citric acid and essential oils in the peel help cut through grease.
  24. Honey & Baking Soda: Mix together into a paste, scrub the greasy spots gently, and wipe clean.
  25. Eucalyptus Oil: A natural grease-cutter, use a few drops on a soft cloth and rub gently. Always do a spot test first to ensure it doesn’t affect the wood’s finish.

Incorporating these non-toxic methods into your cleaning routine can ensure your kitchen cabinets remain clean and grease-free while keeping your home chemical-free. Remember to always test any method on a small, inconspicuous part of your cabinet first to ensure no damage or discoloration occurs.

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