Murphy Oil Soap, typically associated with wood and general cleaning, has hidden talents in the realm of laundry. With its eco-friendly and gentle formulation, it offers various solutions for common laundry problems. Dive into these 25 insightful laundry hacks utilizing Murphy Oil Soap:

  1. Stain Pre-treatment: Dab a small amount onto stubborn stains before washing, letting it sit for a few minutes. It helps break down oils and dirt for easier removal.
  2. Natural Fabric Softener: Add a capful to your wash for softer clothes, a gentler alternative to commercial softeners.
  3. Shoe Cleaner: Mix with water and scrub dirty canvas shoes or sneakers. It helps lift dirt without damaging the fabric.
  4. Delicate Fabric Wash: A few drops in lukewarm water provide a gentle wash for delicates like silk or wool.
  5. Wash Ball Caps: For grimy baseball caps, a gentle scrub can restore freshness without misshaping them.
  6. Rejuvenate Whites: A small amount in your white laundry load can boost brightness without the harshness of bleach.
  7. Degrease Work Clothes: For garments stained with grease or oil, pre-soak in a bucket with a Murphy’s mixture before regular washing.
  8. Lingerie Saver: Wash lingerie with a small amount to maintain elasticity and fabric quality.
  9. Preserve Color: Reduce color bleeding in new colored clothes by adding a capful to the first wash.
  10. Handwashing Aid: For hand-washed items, a drop helps lift dirt and is easy to rinse out.
  11. Remove Ink Stains: Apply undiluted to ink stains, let sit, then wash as usual.
  12. Freshen Laundry Baskets: Wipe down your baskets with a diluted mixture to remove dirt and odors.
  13. Clean Inside of Washer: Run an empty cycle with a cup of Murphy’s to clean residues and maintain machine efficiency.
  14. Combat Sweat Stains: Pre-treat underarm and collar areas before washing to break down sweat residues.
  15. Fluffier Towels: Add a splash during the rinse cycle for softer, more absorbent towels.
  16. Revitalize Old Blankets: Soak old or musty blankets in a bathtub with warm water and Murphy’s before a regular wash.
  17. Gentle on Baby Clothes: Its mild nature makes it suitable for baby garments, ensuring cleanliness without irritation.
  18. Wash Stuffed Toys: A gentle hand wash using the soap revives plush toys without exposing them to harsh chemicals.
  19. Eliminate Odors: Add a capful to loads that have a strong odor, like gym clothes, for a fresh outcome.
  20. Clean Iron Soleplate: With the iron off and cool, wipe the soleplate with a diluted solution to remove sticky residues.
  21. Washing Machine Drawer Cleaner: The compartments for detergent and softeners can get grimy. A brush and Murphy’s can make them spotless.
  22. Upholstery Spot Cleaning: Dab onto spots on washable upholstery, blot, and then wash if removable, or rinse with water.
  23. Maintain Fabric Bags: Hand wash fabric purses or bags with the soap to lift dirt and refresh their appearance.
  24. Refresh Curtains: Soak curtains in a tub with Murphy’s and water, then rinse and hang to dry for a revived look.
  25. Rug Spot Treatment: For washable rugs, pre-treat spots before washing or hand wash smaller rugs with the soap.

Conclusion: Murphy Oil Soap’s natural components make it a formidable ally in the laundry room, tackling diverse challenges without resorting to harsh chemicals. As always, testing on a small inconspicuous area before applying broadly is advised. Bring out the hidden potential of this soap, and enjoy laundry that looks, feels, and smells fresher!

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