When it comes to ensuring a home smells welcoming, Murphy Oil Soap isn’t the first item that springs to mind for most. However, given its unique blend and natural ingredients, it can be remarkably effective. Let’s explore 25 refreshing ways this soap can elevate the fragrance of your home:


Floor Freshness: Mop your floors with a Murphy Oil Soap solution. The clean aroma lasts and leaves your home smelling naturally fresh.


Air Freshener Boost: Add a few drops to your regular water-based air freshener for an added woody freshness.


Trash Can Refresher: Wipe down your indoor trash cans with a diluted solution to counteract unpleasant odors.


Upholstery Renewal: Dampen a cloth with diluted soap, and gently wipe down your sofas and chairs to revitalize their smell.


Scented Vacuum: Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag or chamber. As you vacuum, the warm air disperses the scent.


Carpet Freshener: Mix with water and lightly spray on carpets. As it dries, the natural scent lingers.


Bathroom Freshness: Wipe tiles and other surfaces with the diluted soap. It not only cleans but leaves a light, fresh aroma.


Refresh Wardrobes: Wipe down wooden closet interiors and drawers for a subtle, forest-like fragrance.


Car Interior Cleaner: Clean car interiors, especially wooden panels, to leave your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.


Natural Potpourri: Add drops to dried leaves and flowers in a bowl. The mix of natural scents can be invigorating.


Pet Bedding Freshener: Spray a diluted mix on pet beds and allow to dry completely before letting pets use them.


Window Frame Wipe: Refresh the scent around windows by wiping wooden frames with a diluted solution.


Fan Blade Wipe: Dusty fan blades can spread allergens. Clean them with Murphy’s, and enjoy the subtle scent it disperses when the fan is in use.

Door Freshness: Wipe down wooden doors, especially near entrances, to leave a welcoming scent for anyone entering.


Linen Spray: Mix with water in a spray bottle and lightly spritz bed linens for a calming bedtime scent.


Drawer Liner: After cleaning drawers, line them with paper towels lightly sprayed with a diluted mix. Once dry, place items back.


Drapery Refresher: Lightly mist curtains, ensuring the fabric is color-safe. Allow to air dry.


Attic/Basement Freshener: In spaces that can get musty, wipe down wooden items or storage units for a freshness boost.


Luggage Freshener: If suitcases smell stale, clean their interiors, especially if they have wooden or hardboard frames.


Shoe Rack Refresher: Wipe wooden shoe racks to combat foot odor, introducing a clean scent.


Workspace Boost: Clean wooden office furniture for a scent that might just boost productivity.


Gym Equipment Wipe: After disinfecting gym equipment, wipe them down with a diluted solution to keep them smelling fresh.


Fridge Exterior Freshener: Wipe the wooden or metallic exterior of fridges to combat kitchen odors.


Scented Filter: Place a few drops on your HVAC filter. When the system runs, it’ll diffuse a mild scent throughout your home.


Garage Freshness: Garages can get musty. Wiping down wooden shelves and tools can introduce a fresher ambiance.


Murphy Oil Soap’s primary mission may be cleaning, but its aromatic side benefits can’t be overlooked. By incorporating these hacks, you can ensure that every corner of your home emits a gentle, natural aroma, making it a more pleasant space for all. Always ensure to test a small area first, especially on fabrics, before large-scale application. Enjoy a cleaner, fresher-smelling home!

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