Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods to eat. Raw or cooked, tomatoes will make a meal tasty and tantalizing. Here are fifteen delicious ways to use tomatoes.


Make a tomato sauce for making pizza. Tomato sauce also goes well with pasta like spaghetti.

Salad Replacement

If you are in a hurry and have not much time to make a salad for dinner, use slices of tomatoes and some lettuce.

Stew And Chilli

Make some nice stew with peas, beans and a dash of tomatoes. You could also make some delicious chili.


Tomatoes are very nutritious, and when consumed in the form of juice, you will get all the nutrients they contain.

Baked/Roasted Tomatoes Slices

Make a healthy snack by roasting or baking some slices of tomatoes. These can also be added to a meal as a side dish.


Kabobs are a fun and yummy option for your barbecue or dinner party. Fill up those skewers with lots of tomatoes,
peppers, and other vegetables.

Steamed Vegetable Salad

A nice steamed vegetable salad can be served as a side dish or a main dish. Tomatoes will enhance the flavor, add some bulk and make it colorful.


Comfort food for the soul? Always add a good amount of tomato slices to your burgers and sandwiches. I mean, some sandwiches are simply incomplete without tomatoes.

Tomato Fritters

If you like apple or banana fritters, you might just like tomato fritters as well. Remember to add a generous amount of peppers when making tomato fritters.

Pizza Topping

While the sauce helps to really make the pizza flavorsome, a nice topping completes the pizza. Tomato makes a wonderful pizza topping. Add some roasted pineapple chunks to that, and pizza just can’t get any better.

Stuffed Baked Tomatoes

Clean out the middle of those tomatoes, and stuff them with some sauce and vegetables. Bake or roast in your oven or on your grill, and enjoy the real goodness of tomatoes.

Vegetable Pasties

Make some pasties with tomatoes as the main filling. You can add some onions, peppers, and cabbage.

Vegetable Galette

Crusty pastry for dinner tonight? Make a nice vegetable galette with big slices or chunks of tomatoes. Add some onion slices, green beans, and some sauce.


Make a tasty lasagna with beans, peas and a lot of tomatoes. You can cover each layer of the lasagna with tomato slices to get the taste and presence of tomatoes with every bite of your lasagna.

Vegetable Salad

Put together some vegetables to make a healthy and delicious salad and use tomatoes as the main ingredient. You can make a raw salad or you can cook it up.

There are so many ways to use tomatoes. Which is your favorite way of using them? Do you like them raw or cooked?



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