Moles and burrowing critters can wreak havoc on your beautiful yard and garden, leaving unsightly mounds and tunnels behind. If you’ve been struggling to find effective solutions to keep these pesky intruders at bay, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled 101 proven methods to help you reclaim your outdoor space and protect it from moles, gophers, voles, and other burrowing creatures.

  1. Install Physical Barriers:
    • Use hardware cloth or wire mesh to create barriers around vulnerable garden beds.
    • Bury mesh fencing vertically around your garden to deter burrowing.
  2. Castor Oil:
    • Create a castor oil mixture and spray it around affected areas to drive moles away.
  3. Vibrating Stakes:
    • Install vibrating stakes or solar-powered sonic devices to disrupt the critters’ habitat.
  4. Predator Urine:
    • Purchase predator urine (e.g., fox or coyote) and sprinkle it around mole activity areas.
  5. Plant Deterrents:
    • Grow plants that moles dislike, such as daffodils, alliums, or marigolds.
  6. Flood Tunnels:
    • Pour water into mole tunnels to flush them out.
  7. Ultrasonic Repellers:
    • Invest in ultrasonic repellers that emit sound waves undetectable to humans but irritating to moles.
  8. Beneficial Nematodes:
    • Introduce beneficial nematodes to your soil, which prey on mole larvae.
  9. Humane Traps:
    • Use live traps to capture moles and release them far from your property.
  10. Remove Attractants:
    • Eliminate grubs, worms, and insects that attract moles and critters.
  11. Ammonia-Soaked Rags:
    • Place ammonia-soaked rags in tunnels to create an unpleasant environment.
  12. Regular Mowing:
    • Keep your lawn mowed short to discourage burrowing.
  13. Coffee Grounds:
    • Spread coffee grounds around the garden, as moles dislike the smell.
  14. Garlic Spray:
    • Create a garlic-infused spray to repel burrowing animals.
  15. Use Raised Beds:
    • Opt for raised garden beds, which are less appealing to burrowing creatures.
  16. Solar Lights:
    • Illuminate your yard with solar lights, as moles prefer darkness.
  17. Remove Debris:
    • Clear debris and overgrown vegetation where moles might hide.
  18. Chili Pepper Spray:
    • Make a chili pepper spray and apply it to the soil.
  19. Owl Decoys:
    • Place owl decoys around the garden to deter critters.
  20. Deterrent Plants:
    • Plant mint, euphorbia, or castor bean plants around your garden, which repel moles.
  21. Epsom Salt:
    • Sprinkle Epsom salt in tunnels to deter moles.
  22. Cayenne Pepper:
    • Mix cayenne pepper with water and spray it in mole activity zones.
  23. Fencing:
    • Install fencing with small gaps to keep critters out.
  24. Soap Shavings:
    • Scatter soap shavings in mole tunnels.
  25. Herb Repellents:
    • Grow herbs like rosemary, thyme, or basil, which critters dislike.
  26. Borax Solution:
    • Create a borax and water solution to deter moles.
  27. Water Hose:
    • Insert a water hose into tunnels and let water run.
  28. Sound Machines:
    • Use sound machines with predator noises to scare moles.
  29. Diatomaceous Earth:
    • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in mole-infested areas.
  30. Pathways:
  31. Create designated pathways to discourage moles from creating new tunnels
    1. Vibrating Garden Spheres:
      • Place vibrating garden spheres in the ground to create vibrations that deter moles.
    2. Netting:
      • Cover garden beds with netting to protect them from burrowing animals.
    3. Proper Drainage:
      • Ensure proper drainage to avoid attracting moles seeking waterlogged areas.
    4. Citrus Peels:
      • Scatter citrus peels, as the scent is disliked by moles.
    5. Aluminum Foil:
      • Place aluminum foil in mole tunnels to create noise and light disruptions.
    6. Remove Standing Water:
      • Eliminate standing water sources that attract burrowing animals.
    7. Companion Planting:
      • Utilize companion planting techniques to deter critters.
    8. Blood Meal:
      • Spread blood meal around the garden to repel moles.
    9. Electric Fencing:
      • Install electric fencing to protect specific areas.
    10. Chicken Wire Baskets:
      • Plant bulbs inside chicken wire baskets to prevent critters from digging them up.
    11. Solar Wind Chimes:
      • Hang solar wind chimes to create noise and vibrations.
    12. Foxgloves:
      • Grow foxgloves, as moles avoid them.
    13. Vinegar Spray:
      • Mix vinegar with water and spray it around mole tunnels.
    14. Cone-Shaped Planters:
      • Use cone-shaped planters to protect individual plants.
    15. High-Frequency Devices:
      • Set up high-frequency sound devices to disturb moles.
    16. Path Lights:
      • Install path lights to discourage moles from entering well-lit areas.
    17. Biological Control:
      • Introduce natural predators like owls, hawks, or snakes to the area.
    18. Mothballs:
      • Place mothballs near mole activity zones.
    19. Sunflowers:
      • Plant sunflowers, as their roots can deter moles.
    20. Limestone:
      • Add limestone to the soil, as moles dislike alkaline environments.
    21. Bonemeal:
      • Sprinkle bonemeal around mole-infested areas.
    22. Pick Up Fallen Fruit:
      • Remove fallen fruit from the ground, as it attracts critters.
    23. Remove Hiding Spots:
      • Clear out spaces like woodpiles, where critters might take shelter.
    24. Fruit-Tree Collars:
      • Install collars around fruit trees to protect them from burrowing animals.
    25. Peanut Butter Bait:
      • Use peanut butter as bait in live traps.
    26. Remove Weeds:
      • Keep weeds in check, as they can provide cover for moles.
    27. Dry Cayenne Pepper:
      • Sprinkle dry cayenne pepper in mole tunnels.
    28. Protective Fencing:
      • Use sturdy fencing with a buried portion to deter digging.
    29. Lawn Repair:
      • Quickly repair any mole-damaged areas of your lawn to discourage them from returning.
    30. Human Hair:
      • Scatter human hair clippings near mole activity zones
        1. Talcum Powder:
          • Sprinkle talcum powder in tunnels to disrupt moles’ sense of smell.
        2. Automatic Sprinkler System:
          • Set up an automatic sprinkler system with motion sensors to startle critters.
        3. Dried Blood:
          • Spread dried blood around your garden to deter burrowing animals.
        4. Pet Presence:
          • Allow your pets to roam the yard, as their presence can deter moles.
        5. Eggshells:
          • Crush and scatter eggshells in mole-prone areas.
        6. Spinosad:
          • Use Spinosad-based insecticides to target grubs that attract moles.
        7. Solar Ultrasonic Spikes:
          • Place solar ultrasonic spikes in mole tunnels for constant disruption.
        8. Hedge Apples (Osage Orange):
          • Put hedge apples around your garden, as their scent repels moles.
        9. Vinegar and Soap Spray:
          • Combine vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle to repel burrowing creatures.
        10. Remove Fallen Leaves:
          • Rake and remove fallen leaves promptly, as they can attract moles.
        11. Noise Makers:
          • Create noise makers using pie pans or aluminum cans to scare moles away.
        12. Remove Fruit Trees:
          • Consider removing fruit trees if they consistently attract burrowing critters.
        13. Mint Oil:
          • Spray mint oil mixed with water to deter moles.
        14. Tansy:
          • Plant tansy around your garden, as moles dislike its scent.
        15. Ultrasonic Water Repellers:
          • Use ultrasonic water repellers in mole-affected areas.
        16. Commercial Repellents:
          • Purchase commercial mole repellents and follow the instructions.
        17. Hot Sauce Spray:
          • Mix hot sauce with water and spray it in mole tunnels.
        18. Onions:
          • Plant onions around your garden perimeter, as they can act as a deterrent.
        19. Dryer Sheets:
          • Place scented dryer sheets in mole tunnels.
        20. Remove Pet Food:
          • Avoid leaving pet food outside, as it attracts critters.
        21. Stone Barriers:
          • Create stone barriers around garden beds to discourage digging.
        22. Irritate Their Senses:
          • Alternate repellents to avoid moles getting used to one method.
        23. Water-Laced Soil:
          • Make the soil less desirable for moles by keeping it moist.
        24. Solar Ultrasonic Repellent Spikes:
          • Utilize solar ultrasonic repellent spikes for continuous disruption.
        25. Make Noise:
          • Stomp on the ground to create vibrations and disturb moles.
        26. Motion-Activated Sprinklers:
          • Set up motion-activated sprinklers to scare critters away.
        27. Citronella Oil:
          • Spray citronella oil around mole activity areas.
        28. Chewing Gum:
          • Place unwrapped chewing gum in mole tunnels (make sure pets can’t access it).
        29. Install Underground Barriers:
          • Install underground barriers to prevent tunneling.
        30. Compost Heap Location:
          • Keep compost heaps away from the main garden to avoid attracting critters.
        31. Pungent Fertilizers:
          • Avoid using pungent fertilizers that may attract burrowing animals.
        32. Rocks:
          • Place large rocks around your garden beds to discourage digging.
        33. Prickly Mulch:
          • Use prickly mulch like pine cones or holly leaves to deter moles.
        34. Predator Calls:
          • Play recorded predator calls to scare away moles.
        35. Milky Spore:
          • Apply Milky Spore to control Japanese beetle grubs, which moles feed on.
        36. Remove Grub Population:
          • Regularly treat your lawn to reduce the grub population.
        37. Fumigation:
          • As a last resort, consider professional fumigation for severe infestations.
        38. Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler:
          • Install scarecrow motion-activated sprinklers to protect larger areas.
        39. Boric Acid:
          • Use boric acid mixed with cornmeal to deter moles.
        40. Be Persistent:
          • Combine multiple methods and be patient, as it may take time to see results.
        41. Consult a Professional:
          • If all else fails, seek advice from a pest control professional who specializes in mole and critter removal.


        Dealing with moles and burrowing critters in your yard and garden can be frustrating, but with these 101 methods, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Remember that different methods may work better depending on the species of critters in your area, so don’t hesitate to try a combination of approaches. By taking a proactive and persistent approach, you can enjoy a beautiful, critter-free outdoor space once again. Happy gardening!


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