Maintaining a clean and tidy home is essential for a healthy and comfortable living environment. However, it can be overwhelming to remember everything that needs cleaning. To help you keep your home spotless, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 101 things you need to clean in your home. In this article, we’ll provide extensive details on each cleaning task to ensure your home is sparkling clean and well-maintained.

  1. Kitchen Sink: Start with your kitchen sink. Use a gentle scrub or a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the sink basin, faucet, and handles. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Countertops: Wipe down all kitchen countertops with a disinfectant or a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Pay special attention to high-touch areas.
  3. Stove and Oven: Clean the stovetop, oven, and range hood. Remove burner grates and knobs for a thorough cleaning. Use an oven cleaner if needed.
  4. Microwave: Wipe the interior of the microwave, including the turntable and walls. Remove any food splatters or stains.
  5. Refrigerator: Clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator. Remove expired items and wipe down shelves and drawers.
  6. Dishwasher: Run an empty dishwasher cycle with a cleaning agent to remove grease and buildup. Clean the filter and spray arms as well.
  7. Cabinet Doors and Handles: Wipe down cabinet doors and handles to remove grease and fingerprints. Use a gentle cleaner that won’t harm the finish.
  8. Small Appliances: Clean and disinfect small kitchen appliances like the toaster, blender, and coffee maker. Pay attention to crumbs and spills.
  9. Pantry: Organize and clean the pantry shelves. Check for expired items and wipe down any spills or crumbs.
  10. Trash Can: Disinfect the trash can and replace the liner. Don’t forget to clean the exterior as well.
  11. Dish Rack: Scrub and disinfect the dish rack to prevent mold and mildew growth. Ensure it’s completely dry before using it again.
  12. Cutting Boards: Clean and disinfect cutting boards, especially if they are used for raw meat. Use a mixture of water and bleach for plastic cutting boards.
  13. Coffee Machine: Descale and clean your coffee machine regularly to prevent mineral buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  14. Toaster: Remove and clean the toaster crumb tray. Turn the toaster upside down and shake out any lingering crumbs.
  15. Sink Drain: Clear out the sink drain using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Follow with boiling water to flush away debris.
  16. Backsplash: Wipe down the kitchen backsplash to remove splatters and stains. Use an appropriate cleaner for your type of backsplash material.
  17. Dining Table: Clean and disinfect the dining table, including the tabletop, legs, and chairs. Pay attention to sticky spots and spills.
  18. Light Fixtures: Dust and wipe down light fixtures, chandeliers, and pendant lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs.
  19. Baseboards: Dust and wipe down baseboards throughout your home. A damp microfiber cloth works well for this task.
  20. Window Sills: Clean window sills, removing dust, cobwebs, and any insect residue. Use a vacuum attachment for hard-to-reach areas.
  21. Window Blinds: Dust or vacuum window blinds, and wipe them down with a damp cloth or an appropriate cleaner.
  22. Curtains and Drapes: Follow care instructions to clean curtains and drapes, which may involve machine washing, dry cleaning, or vacuuming with an upholstery attachment.
  23. Ceiling Fans: Dust and clean ceiling fan blades. An extendable duster or vacuum attachment can be handy for high ceilings.
  24. Air Vents: Remove and clean air vent covers throughout your home. Vacuum the vents and replace the covers.
  25. Thermostat and Light Switches: Wipe down thermostats and light switches with a disinfectant or a damp cloth. These areas are frequently touched.
  26. Door Handles and Knobs: Clean and disinfect all door handles and knobs, including those on interior and exterior doors.
  27. Entryway: Sweep and mop the entryway floor, and wipe down any surfaces, such as a console table or shoe rack.
  28. Hallways: Dust and vacuum hallways, paying attention to corners, baseboards, and light fixtures.
  29. Living Room Furniture: Clean and vacuum living room furniture, including sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Check labels for cleaning instructions.
  30. Throw Pillows and Blankets: Wash and fluff throw pillows and blankets regularly to keep them fresh and clean.
  31. Television and Electronics: Wipe down the television screen, remote controls, and other electronic devices. Dust cables and connectors.
  32. Fireplace: Clean the fireplace, removing ashes and dust. Scrub the hearth and mantel if applicable.
  33. Bookshelves: Dust and organize bookshelves, making sure books are upright and in their proper places.
  34. Wall Art: Dust and clean wall art, frames, and mirrors using appropriate cleaning products for the materials.
  35. Coffee Table: Wipe down the coffee table to remove dust, stains, or spills. Consider using coasters to prevent future damage.
  36. Area Rugs and Carpets: Vacuum and spot-clean area rugs and carpets as needed. Deep clean them periodically using a carpet cleaner or a professional service.
  37. Plants: Dust the leaves of houseplants and water them according to their specific needs. Remove dead leaves and inspect for pests.
  38. Pet Bedding: Wash and sanitize pet bedding, toys, and bowls regularly to maintain a clean environment for your pets.
  39. Pet Hair: Use a lint roller, pet hair remover, or a vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment to remove pet hair from furniture, rugs, and clothing.
  40. Pet Litter Box: Empty, clean, and disinfect the litter box regularly. Replace the litter as needed.
  41. Pet Collars and Leashes: Wash and disinfect pet collars and leashes to keep them clean and odor-free.
  42. Bathroom Sink and Faucet: Clean and disinfect the bathroom sink, faucet, and handles. Remove mineral buildup if necessary.
  43. Shower and Tub: Scrub and disinfect the shower and bathtub. Pay attention to grout, tiles, and any soap scum.
  44. Toilet: Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl, seat, lid, and exterior. Don’t forget the flush handle.
  45. Bathroom Vanity: Wipe down the bathroom vanity, cabinets, and drawers. Organize and declutter bathroom essentials.
  46. Bathroom Mirror: Clean the bathroom mirror with a glass cleaner or a mixture of water and white vinegar for a streak-free shine.
  47. Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Remove the cover and clean the bathroom exhaust fan to ensure proper ventilation.
  48. Towels and Linens: Wash and replace bathroom towels and linens regularly to maintain freshness.
  49. Shower Curtain: Wash and disinfect the shower curtain or liner. Replace if it shows signs of mold or mildew.
  50. Bathmat: Clean and disinfect the bathmat to prevent mold growth and maintain hygiene.
  51. Bathroom Trash Can: Empty and disinfect the bathroom trash can regularly. Replace the liner as needed.
  52. Bedroom Mattress: Rotate and vacuum the mattress to remove dust mites and allergens. Consider using a mattress protector.
  53. Pillows: Wash and fluff pillows according to care instructions. Consider replacing them if they lose their shape or support.
  54. Bed Linens: Change and wash bed linens weekly to maintain a clean and comfortable sleeping environment.
  55. Under the Bed: Clean under the bed, removing dust, pet hair, and any clutter that may have accumulated.
  56. Closet: Organize and declutter your closet. Donate or sell clothing and accessories you no longer need.
  57. Dresser Drawers: Wipe down and organize dresser drawers. Use drawer dividers to keep smaller items in order.
  58. Nightstands: Clean and declutter nightstands, removing any items that have accumulated over time.
  59. Mirrors and Vanity: Wipe down bedroom mirrors and vanity surfaces to maintain a clean and clutter-free space.
  60. Laundry Room Sink: Clean and disinfect the laundry room sink, faucet, and drain to prevent buildup.
  61. Washing Machine: Run an empty washing machine cycle with vinegar or a washing machine cleaner to remove residue and odors.
  62. Dryer Lint Trap: Clean the dryer lint trap after every load to improve efficiency and reduce fire hazards.
  63. Laundry Hampers: Disinfect and clean laundry hampers to prevent odors and maintain a fresh laundry space.
  64. Iron and Ironing Board: Clean the iron’s soleplate and the ironing board cover. Empty the water reservoir if applicable.
  65. Laundry Baskets: Wash and disinfect laundry baskets, especially if they are used to transport dirty clothes.
  66. Linen Closet: Organize and declutter the linen closet, folding and stacking towels and linens neatly.
  67. Guest Bedroom: Clean and prepare the guest bedroom for visitors, including fresh linens and bedding.
  68. Home Office Desk: Dust and wipe down the home office desk, organizing paperwork and decluttering as needed.
  69. Computer Keyboard and Mouse: Clean computer peripherals with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant wipes to remove germs and grime.
  70. Computer Monitor and Screen: Wipe down computer monitors and screens with a screen cleaner to remove dust and fingerprints.
  71. Filing Cabinet: Organize and declutter the filing cabinet, shredding old documents and reorganizing files.
  72. Office Chair: Vacuum and spot clean the office chair, including the seat and backrest.
  73. Office Supplies: Organize and declutter office supplies, such as pens, notebooks, and stationery.
  74. Electronics Charging Station: Dust and organize the electronics charging station, including charging cables and devices.
  75. Home Gym Equipment: Clean and disinfect home gym equipment, including weights, yoga mats, and exercise machines.
  76. Exercise Area: Sweep and mop the exercise area, ensuring it’s free of dust and debris.
  77. Workout Clothes: Wash and air out workout clothes to prevent odors and maintain hygiene.
  78. Garage Floor: Sweep and hose down the garage floor to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  79. Garage Shelves and Storage: Organize and declutter garage shelves and storage units, keeping tools and equipment tidy.
  80. Gardening Tools: Clean and sharpen gardening tools, storing them in an organized manner.
  81. Outdoor Grill: Scrub and clean the outdoor grill, removing grease and residue from cooking.
  82. Patio Furniture: Wipe down patio furniture, including tables, chairs, and cushions, to prepare for outdoor use.
  83. Porch or Entryway: Sweep and clean the porch or entryway, removing leaves, debris, and cobwebs.
  84. Outdoor Light Fixtures: Dust and clean outdoor light fixtures to improve visibility and curb appeal.
  85. Outdoor Trash Cans: Disinfect and clean outdoor trash cans to prevent odors and pest infestations.
  86. Garden Beds: Weed and maintain garden beds, ensuring they are free of overgrowth and debris.
  87. Outdoor Toys: Clean and disinfect outdoor toys and play equipment to keep them safe and hygienic.
  88. Fence and Gates: Inspect and clean fences and gates, removing dirt, mildew, and rust as needed.
  89. Mailbox: Clean and repaint the mailbox, ensuring it’s in good condition and free of rust.
  90. Driveway and Walkway: Power wash the driveway and walkway to remove dirt, stains, and mold growth.
  91. Car Interior: Clean and vacuum the car’s interior, including seats, carpets, and upholstery.
  92. Car Exterior: Wash and wax the car’s exterior to maintain its appearance and protect the paint.
  93. Car Windows and Mirrors: Clean car windows and mirrors using automotive glass cleaner for a streak-free shine.
  94. Car Tires: Clean and shine car tires and rims to enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.
  95. Car Engine: Perform periodic engine cleaning to remove dirt, grease, and grime buildup.
  96. Car Mats: Remove car mats and clean them thoroughly, allowing them to dry before reinstalling.
  97. Bicycle: Clean and lubricate bicycles to ensure they operate smoothly and safely.
  98. Outdoor Equipment: Maintain outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and power tools, cleaning and lubricating them as needed.
  99. Outdoor Trash and Recycling Bins: Disinfect and clean outdoor trash and recycling bins to prevent odors and pests.
  100. Storage Shed: Organize and declutter the storage shed, keeping tools, equipment, and seasonal items in order.
  101. Chimney and Fireplace: Inspect and clean the chimney and fireplace if applicable, removing creosote and soot buildup to ensure safe operation.

Conclusion: Maintaining a clean home involves regular attention to a wide range of tasks and areas. By following this comprehensive list of 101 cleaning tasks, you can ensure that every corner of your home is spotless and well-maintained. Remember to establish a cleaning schedule and tackle tasks systematically to keep your living space comfortable, healthy, and welcoming for you and your family.

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