Command hooks are small but mighty tools that can help you organize, decorate, and simplify your life in countless ways. These versatile adhesive hooks offer a damage-free solution to hanging, organizing, and enhancing your living space. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 101 innovative Command hook hacks, each explained in detail to help you make the most of these handy gadgets.

1. Hanging Pictures:

  • Use Command hooks to securely hang picture frames without the need for nails or wall damage. Choose hooks based on the frame’s weight.

2. Organizing Jewelry:

  • Attach hooks to the inside of your closet or bedroom door to hang necklaces, scarves, and accessories for easy access and organization.

3. Curtain Rod Holder:

  • If you have lightweight curtains, Command hooks can serve as temporary curtain rod holders, perfect for rental spaces.

4. Hat Storage:

  • Hang hats or caps neatly on hooks inside your closet or on bedroom walls.

5. Kitchen Utensil Organizer:

  • Use hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang kitchen utensils, measuring cups, or pot holders.

6. Keys and Lanyards:

  • Install hooks near your entryway to hang keys, lanyards, and small bags for quick grab-and-go convenience.

7. Toothbrush Holder:

  • Keep toothbrushes off countertops by attaching hooks inside bathroom cabinets or on the mirror.

8. Shower Caddy:

  • Hang a shower caddy with Command hooks in your bathroom to keep toiletries organized and easily accessible.

9. Tablet or Recipe Book Holder:

  • Attach hooks to the underside of kitchen cabinets to hold tablets or recipe books at eye level while cooking.

10. Cable Management: – Organize and hide cables behind your desk or entertainment center by affixing hooks to the back.

11. Holiday Decorations: – Easily hang holiday lights, wreaths, and garlands without leaving holes in your walls or damaging surfaces.

12. Floating Shelves: – Create floating shelves by installing hooks beneath a wooden board or piece of furniture. This hack is perfect for displaying small items.

13. Backpack and Bag Holder: – Hang backpacks and bags in the mudroom or entryway to keep them off the floor.

14. Cord and Headphone Holder: – Organize charging cords and headphones by hanging them on hooks near your work desk or bedside table.

15. Craft Supplies Organizer: – Use hooks to store craft supplies like scissors, tape, and rulers on the inside of craft cabinet doors.

16. Plant Hangers: – Hang lightweight potted plants from hooks on the ceiling or walls to add a touch of greenery to your space.

17. Measuring Cup Rack: – Attach hooks to the inside of kitchen cabinet doors to create a convenient measuring cup and spoon rack.

18. Calendar or Bulletin Board: – Create a makeshift calendar or bulletin board by attaching hooks to the wall and hanging a grid of strings or ribbons.

19. Bathrobe Holder: – Hang bathrobes or towels in your bathroom for easy access and a tidy look.

20. Dish Towel Hanger: – Install hooks on the side of your fridge or oven to hang dish towels.

21. Wrapping Paper Station: – Hang rolls of wrapping paper on hooks inside a closet or pantry for a dedicated wrapping station.

22. Yoga Mat Holder: – Keep your yoga mat off the floor by hanging it with Command hooks in your workout space.

23. Umbrella Storage: – Hang umbrellas near the entryway to keep them handy on rainy days.

24. Wine Glass Holder: – Turn upside-down hooks into wine glass holders beneath a shelf or cabinet.

25. Shower Curtain Tiebacks: – Use hooks to secure your shower curtain when not in use, preventing it from clinging to you while you shower.

26. Cleaning Supplies Organizer: – Hang cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, and dusters on hooks in your utility closet or pantry.

27. Pot Lid Holder: – Attach hooks to the inside of kitchen cabinet doors to store pot lids neatly.

28. Cap and Hat Organizer: – Create a cap and hat organization system on the inside of your closet door using hooks.

29. Curtain Tiebacks: – Use hooks to hold back curtains or drapes for added elegance in your living space.

30. Backpack Organization Station: – Set up a backpack organization station with hooks for each family member near the entryway.

31. Art and Craft Supplies Display: – Hang buckets or containers on hooks to display and easily access art and craft supplies.

32. Dog Leash Holder: – Keep your dog’s leash handy by hanging it on hooks near the door.

33. Bath Toy Storage: – Use hooks to hang mesh bags filled with bath toys in the bathtub area.

34. Entryway Shoe Storage: – Hang shoe organizers on hooks to store shoes and accessories in your entryway.

35. Scarf Display: – Showcase your scarf collection by hanging them on hooks in your bedroom or closet.

36. Floating Vanity: – Create a floating vanity in your bedroom or bathroom by attaching a tabletop to wall-mounted hooks.

37. Pot and Pan Organizer: – Install hooks on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors to hang pots and pans for easy access.

38. Pet Leash and Accessory Organizer: – Keep pet leashes, collars, and accessories organized on hooks near your pet’s designated area.

39. Office Supplies Storage: – Hang small baskets or containers on hooks to store office supplies like pens, paperclips, and sticky notes.

40. Grilling Utensil Holder: – Hang grilling utensils on hooks in the garage or near your outdoor grill.

41. Baseball Cap Storage: – Display your baseball cap collection by attaching hooks to the back of your closet or bedroom door.

42. Shower Cap Holder: – Keep shower caps and hair accessories organized in the bathroom by hanging them on hooks.

43. Sunglasses Organizer: – Hang sunglasses on hooks near your entryway for easy access and a stylish display.

44. Ironing Board Holder: – Install hooks on the inside of a closet door to hang your ironing board.

45. Wreath Hanger: – Hang wreaths on your front door without damaging it by using an over-the-door hook.

46. Phone Charging Station: – Create a designated phone charging station by attaching hooks near an outlet.

47. Cupboard Lid Organizer: – Store pot and pan lids neatly on the inside of kitchen cupboard doors.

48. Bike Storage: – Hang bikes vertically on hooks to save floor space in your garage or shed.

49. Coat Rack Replacement: – Use hooks to create a DIY coat rack by arranging them in a row on your wall.

50. Extension Cord Organizer: – Keep extension cords tangle-free by wrapping them around hooks.

51. Sports Equipment Holder: – Organize sports equipment like soccer balls, basketballs, and helmets by hanging them on hooks.

52. Ribbon Dispenser: – Hang rolls of ribbon on hooks to easily dispense and cut lengths for crafting.

53. Pot Holder Storage: – Keep pot holders and oven mitts at the ready by hanging them on hooks in your kitchen.

54. Stuffed Animal Organizer: – Hang stuffed animals on hooks in your child’s bedroom to keep them off the floor.

55. Hair Tool Storage: – Store hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons on hooks in the bathroom.

56. Headphone Hanger: – Keep headphones tidy and within reach by hanging them on hooks under your desk.

57. Holiday Lights Storage: – Wrap and hang holiday lights on hooks to prevent tangling and simplify decorating next year.

58. Plant Shelf: – Create a floating plant shelf by attaching hooks to a piece of wood and hanging it on your wall.

59. Gardening Tool Organizer: – Hang gardening tools like shovels, rakes, and hoses on hooks in the garage or garden shed.

60. Shower Caddy for Kids: – Attach hooks to the inside of the shower for your kids to hang their bath toys.

61. Handbag Organizer: – Store handbags and purses on hooks in your closet to keep them in good shape.

62. Gift Wrap Station: – Create a gift wrap station by hanging rolls of wrapping paper on hooks inside a closet or pantry.

63. Small Appliance Holder: – Hang small kitchen appliances like blenders or coffee makers on hooks to free up counter space.

64. Drawer Organizer: – Attach hooks to the inside of drawers to organize and separate small items like utensils, jewelry, or makeup.

65. Dog Leash and Waste Bag Station: – Hang dog leashes, waste bags, and grooming supplies on hooks near the door for easy access.

66. Guitar Wall Mount: – Mount guitars or other musical instruments on hooks for a stylish and space-saving display.

67. Grilling Tool Organizer: – Keep grilling tools like tongs, spatulas, and brushes handy by hanging them near your grill.

68. Hair Accessory Display: – Showcase hair accessories like headbands and bows by attaching hooks to a decorative board and hanging it on the wall.

69. Sink Caddy: – Create a sink caddy by attaching hooks to the inside of your kitchen sink cabinet door for sponges and scrub brushes.

70. Tea Towel Holder: – Hang tea towels on hooks in the kitchen for quick drying and easy access.

71. Bag Dispenser: – Hang an empty tissue box or plastic grocery bag dispenser on hooks for organized bag storage.

72. Belt and Tie Organizer: – Keep belts, ties, and accessories neatly organized on hooks inside your closet.

73. Home Office Cord Management: – Use hooks to keep cords and cables from tangling under your home office desk.

74. Travel Accessory Organizer: – Hang travel-sized toiletries, adapters, and chargers on hooks inside your suitcase or travel bag.

75. Mail Sorting Station: – Create a mail sorting station by attaching hooks and labels to organize incoming and outgoing mail.

76. Vertical Jewelry Display: – Showcase your jewelry collection by hanging necklaces and bracelets on hooks inside a decorative frame.

77. Car Key Holder: – Hang car keys on hooks near the door for easy access when leaving or returning home.

78. Pot Holder Dispenser: – Attach hooks to the inside of your kitchen cabinet door to hang pot holders for quick access.

79. Flashlight Storage: – Keep flashlights and emergency supplies organized and easily accessible by hanging them on hooks.

80. Cookie Cutter Organizer: – Organize cookie cutters on hooks inside your kitchen cupboard for convenient access.

81. Sewing and Craft Tool Display: – Hang sewing and craft tools on hooks on a pegboard for easy access and a tidy workspace.

82. Shower Organizer: – Create a shower organizer by attaching hooks to a tension rod for hanging loofahs, bath poufs, and more.

83. Ribbon Holder: – Store and display ribbon spools on hooks for easy access and a colorful visual display.

84. Bike Helmet Holder: – Hang bike helmets and safety gear on hooks near your bike storage area.

85. Laundry Room Organizer: – Hang laundry baskets, lint rollers, and other essentials on hooks in the laundry room.

86. Kids’ Art Supply Organizer: – Attach hooks to a wall-mounted board to organize and display children’s art supplies.

87. Garage Tool Rack: – Hang tools like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers on hooks in the garage.

88. Coffee Mug Rack: – Create a coffee mug rack by attaching hooks to a wooden board or pallet and hanging it on the kitchen wall.

89. Potholder and Trivet Holder: – Hang potholders and trivets on hooks in the kitchen for quick access when cooking.

90. Plant Support: – Use hooks to support climbing plants by attaching them to trellises or stakes.

91. Desk Organizer: – Hang hooks on the side of your desk to hold headphones, charging cables, or other small accessories.

92. Yoga Mat Storage: – Hang yoga mats vertically on hooks for a space-saving storage solution.

93. Closet Shoe Organizer: – Hang shoes vertically on hooks inside your closet to maximize space.

94. Art Easel: – Create a mini art easel by hanging a canvas on hooks and adjusting the height as needed.

95. Pool Toy Organizer: – Hang pool noodles, floaties, and toys on hooks in the garage or pool area.

96. Plant Shelf Divider: – Use hooks to divide plant shelves and keep plants neatly spaced.

97. Child’s Art Gallery: – Create a rotating art gallery for your child’s masterpieces by hanging artwork on hooks and changing them out regularly.

98. Magazine Rack: – Hang hooks on the wall to store and display magazines or books.

99. Car Organizer: – Attach hooks to the back of car seats to hold bags, headphones, or tablets for entertainment during road trips.

100. Postcard or Photo Display: – Create a postcard or photo display by hanging strings or wires on hooks and attaching cards or photos with clips.

101. Guest Towel Holder: – Hang guest towels in the bathroom on hooks for a welcoming touch when guests visit.

With these 101 Command hook hacks, you can enhance your home’s organization, decor, and functionality while avoiding damage to your walls. These ingenious uses for Command hooks cover a wide range of needs, from storage solutions to decorative displays, making them an essential tool for simplifying and improving your living space.

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